Biden has saved us from economic crash and more letters to the editor

Biden has saved us from economic crash

Come'on, man ... can't we give Sleepy Joe a break on inflation? Did Biden really cause it all?

By the time Biden's term began, we had endured a COVID recession with Trump. Wasn't all his fault, but it surely could have been handled better and quicker. Americans and the world had stopped buying, Trump tariffs had pushed prices up and/or stopped shipments. Manufacturing had slowed. A ship accident had even closed the Suez Canal, a major shipping lane. Lack of computer chips had caused manufacturing backlogs. Materials had become scarce and expensive. Workers had dropped from the workforce. Home-buying had backed up. The result was a huge pent-up demand for everything.

Families were competing for available goods, while businesses were competing for workers and materials, all adding up to a perfect storm for inflation.

And now? The economy is humming along and inflation under control, although it is not as low as we would like. But if you want to blame it on Sleepy Joe, remember he has saved us from the certain harsh economic crash that Republicans and Fox have screamed so loud about.

John Winesett


Blinders corrupting eyesight on Trump

In response to the recent Rant, "Once again Hunter Biden and Papa Biden have stuck their fingers in the American peoples' eyes": What a completely ignorant statement. You must have slept through Trump's four years.

When Trump was in office, he stuck taxpayers with a fortune for his every weekend golf getaways. He and his entire family enriched themselves through foreign donors. When all is said and done, you will learn Trump sold this country out. Stealing documents he could sell later, imposing tariffs, etc. He did nothing but cost taxpayers.

You have the audacity to imply corruption with the Bidens when clearly Trump was corrupt in every possible way. I suggest you open your eyes because your blinders are corrupting your eyesight and common sense.

Lyn Mitchell

How was Jan. 6 not an insurrection?

Chris Talgo argues that the storming of the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, was a protest, a riot, but not an insurrection. Then what would have made it an insurrection? What would they have done if they had taken Nancy Pelosi? Would they really have hung Mike Pence? Had they been able to stop the electoral vote count, accepted the votes of "fake electors" and made Donald Trump president for a second term, would that have been an insurrection? Or America's glorious revolution?

Many of the people at the Capitol on Jan. 6 were simply protesting what they were told was a crooked election. But more were there to stop the vote count. And others were there to stop the vote count by any means necessary and see Trump get a second term in office.

The violence at the Capitol that day was riotous, and the goal that day was a second term for Trump. Only because the insurrectionists' goal was not met can Jan. 6 not be called an insurrection. And, yes, Trump's speech, actions and inactions encouraged them all — protesters, rioters and insurrectionists.

Grady Burgner

Can we prevent cancer rise? Yes!

Back when I was in nursing school, one in three Americans got cancer. I recently heard a speaker who said now it is one in two, and by 2030, it is expected that every American will get some type of cancer in his or her lifetime. What is going on? Is there a way to prevent this? And if you or a loved one has cancer, is there a way to defeat this?

Best-selling author, speaker and cancer survivor Ginny Brant says, "Definitely yes!" She recently wrote a book: "Unleash Your God Given Healing: Eight Steps to Prevent and Survive Cancer." Check it out.

Conni Leonessa


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