School board member schedules panel discussion on Ooltewah assault

Dr. Steve Highlander is first to pray in one of many breakout groups made up of four to six people each Tuesday night inside the worship center at Christway Church in Ooltewah.

School board member Steve Highlander announced today that he is collaborating with people across the city to hold a panel discussion Tuesday night on topics related to the assault of an Ooltewah High School freshman.

Highlander, who represents the Ooltewah district, said he wants to provide parents the opportunity to learn from experts about how to detect signs of bullying and abuse, and what to do if these signs are detected.

"I think parents have a lot of questions following this incident," Highlander said.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday from 6 to 8 p.m. at Ooltewah United Methodist Church.

Highlander said he is working the Children's Advocacy Center, D9 and the Family Justice Center to hold the panel discussion.

Shelly Brantley, executive director of the Children's Advocacy Center, said she is working to get a handful of speakers, and hopes this conversation will help prevent future violence.