Bonding company seeks to thaw Marion County judges' freeze

Kelvin Pell

JASPER, Tenn. - The former boss of a bail agent charged with soliciting sex for writing a bond testified Friday he'd never had a complaint about the agent's behavior and that he fired the man as soon as he learned of the charge.

Cumberland Bail Bonding Co. owner Andy Baggenstoss was in Marion County Circuit Court hoping Judge Thomas Graham would thaw the freeze local judges imposed on his bonding business after the Feb. 8 arrest of ex-Cumberland agent Kelvin Pell.

Marion County deputies arrested Pell on Feb. 8 after setting up a sting operation. A woman agreed to wear a wire, and listening lawmen heard Pell talk to her about paying him with sex for writing her bond. Deputies arrested Pell and charged him with patronizing prostitution and sexual battery.