Hart: Trump is the mule Washington cannot tell what to do

President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with the members of the National Governors Association in the State Dining Room of the White House, Monday, Feb. 26, 2018, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

When you grow up in Columbia, Tenn., the "Mule Capital of the World," you end up knowing a lot about mules. One thing you are told early is that you learn nothing new from the second kick of a mule.

Somehow the legacy media do not get that as it relates to their favorite daytime TV game, "Get Trump." They keep trying to "get him" the way the media in the past have always gotten and destroyed politicians: with salacious innuendo, outright slander and yes, in the case of Trump, embarrassing facts. This doesn't work for Trump, but they haven't figured that out. America sent Trump to D.C. to be a disrupter, drain the swamp and give noogies to the biased media.

The media are on their 50th kick by this Trump mule, yet they continue. They have become Wile E. Coyote to his Road Runner. Their view is so transparent; who needs facts when you have already reached your conclusions? Unlike Romney, McCain and Bush, who tried to smile through the backstabbing by the media, Trump hits back.

photo Ron Hart

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Old media rules don't apply to this president, maybe because we hate and distrust the media worse than we do Trump. It's fun to watch. It reminds me of what Ogden Nash once said, "In the world of mules, there are no rules."

What it comes down to is that Americans are not angry, arrogant, condescending elitists like the mainstream media. We are more like Donald Trump: imperfect, un-PC, we have common sense, we see through BS, and are indelicate in matters of importance.

You know that The Donald is bulletproof when a few porn stars and strippers come out of the woodwork saying they slept with him while he was married and the story is relegated to page 5 of newspapers. Trump's personal lawyer told The New York Times he sent money to Stormy Daniels before the election, but that there was never an affair. I'd like to have such a loyal attorney, one who just likes handing $135,000 to miscellaneous porn stars - you know, like lawyers do. In yet another first, Trump actually paid a porn star to keep her mouth closed.

Trump has weathered Billy Bush's Access Hollywood tapes and all else the left has thrown at him. America longs for a Rat Pack-like manly man, unapologetic for his manhood. Now that the Dems have painted themselves into this hyper-sensitive "#MeToo" hysteria, they have decided to keep Bill Clinton off the campaign trail in 2018. This is their mistake because Bill is the only person in the their ranks that makes them seem likable and human.

Michelle and Barack Obama had some strange artists do their portraits for the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery. The paintings are to be hung next to Bill Clinton's, which security guards have to watch each night because his portrait keeps trying to get up on Jackie Kennedy's. It is interesting how Bill Clinton came out more popular than ever after being caught in his various dalliances. Hillary emerged looking bad because of the way she attacked Bill's women. Say what you will about Trump, he treated his mistresses well - and even had the common decency to marry them all.

The left is so spun around by its Trump Derangement Syndrome that it looks silly. California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, a man drawn to any camera he sees for an arrogant remark, got snookered by two Russian radio shock-jocks pretending to be Ukrainian officials. They said they had nude pics of Trump with prostitutes. Not knowing, Schiff colluded with them to get the pictures and ended up looking like a hypocritical dope.

I didn't vote for Trump but, like most Americans, I like his policies. Yes, he is a bombastic egotist at times, but it's entertaining. We know what he is saying. And with the "deep state" after him, he has exposed Washington for the self-serving cesspool that it is.

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