Retirement incentives, Opportunity Zone staffing on Hamilton County school board agenda tonight

The Hamilton County Department of Education is seen in this file photo.

The Hamilton County Department of Education will pay out slightly more than expected in retirement bonuses this year, with 178 employees declaring their intent to retire by the March 15 deadline.

At their February meeting, school board members approved a plan by Superintendent Bryan Johnson to offer teachers retirement bonuses, in an attempt to generate payroll savings of an estimated $20,000 per person.

"We had projected numbers and definitely met the projections," Johnson said. "We appreciate the service of our employees and feel fortunate to have been able to extend this opportunity."

The savings could fund new technology, additional counselors, creative arts teachers and school safety measures, Johnson has said.

The retirement incentive was predicted to have a one-time cost of $6.5 million to cover a projected 150 people.