Raney: Mason Evans, the 'Wild Man of the Chilhowee'

This illustration of Mason Evans is from an April 30, 1890, Chattanooga Times article, "Wild Man Captured!"

Stories of the wild man have been with us since the beginning of time. On April 27, 1886, Chattanooga Commercial reported that both a wild man and a wild woman had been captured near Morganville outside Crawfish Springs, Georgia. The article noted the woman used her long nails to climb trees. Neither of the pair communicated. When sufficiently tamed, they were to be exhibited at dime museums in the North.

In March 1889, Walker County, Georgia, citizens read about a wild man on Lookout Mountain who resided in a cave near Pond Creek. He had long matted hair and wore only a bear skin. The article failed to disclose whether he was captured or continued to live in the wild.

The Chattanooga Press in January 1905 reported on a wild man captured near Luray outside Jackson, Tennessee.