Robbins: The old Richardson's house and the Civil War

The old Richardson's house, that served as headquarters to Gen. William Rosecrans during the Civil War and the battles for Chattanooga, was in the 300 block of Walnut Street. / Photo courtesy of The Public Library

"The Wit and Wisdom of Sam Divine" gives a look at post-Civil War Chattanooga by one of its best known residents. In his book, Divine reminisces:

"One of the last of the old landmarks to step down and out to make room (in 1913) for a modern structure is the old Richardson's home on Walnut Street. It stands near the middle of the block on the east side, between Third and Fourth Streets.

"It was built by John G. Glass (and) sold to Thomas Richardson, who came here in 1854 from New York State and engaged in the tanning business.

"The house itself has some historic value, the headquarters of Gen. William Rosecrans, Gen. [George] Thomas and Gen. [Ulysses S.] Grant as commanding generals of the Army of the Cumberland during the battles of Chattanooga.