published Sunday, November 10th, 2013

All couples are not equal and other letters to the editor

All couples are not equal

David Cook and Chris Anderson should sell used cars: "No, it's not a used car; it's a certified pre-owned vehicle." After all, Anderson says his domestic partnerships proposal "is not a recognition of same-sex marriage." Right. And California's Supreme Court did not strike down Proposition 8 because California gave same-sex couples rights so similar to married couples' rights that it could no longer withhold the name "marriage."

I agree when Cook urges readers to "see legislation for what it is instead of what it isn't." But Anderson's legislation is not what Cook says it is: "Simply -- an issue of workplace fairness and equality."

Domestic partnerships are not commitments equal to marriages, so granting partners the same benefits as spouses is not fairness. And Anderson's proposal still raises the question: Do same-sex couples equal opposite-sex couples? The answer is no. One plus one equals two, but with children, one plus one can equal three or four or more. To equate the two kinds of couples is to value children at zero.

The only things simple here are the minds of people who believe Cook and Anderson are spouting anything but incredibly bad propaganda for an equally bad policy.


Replace all animal tests

One hundred million: this is the estimated number of animals used in testing every year. The estimate does not include animals, especially mice and rats, which are often killed in very violent and inhumane ways because of mutations and defects caused by unintentional breeding. Animals are often deformed or killed in the testing process. Ethics issues related to animal testing can be reduced or completely eliminated by using alternative testing methods! In the European Union, there has been a push for finding and validating alternative methods. Scientists have been able to replace most short-term tests through in vitro methods where they create cultured human cells for testing chemicals. Alternative methods have been proven more accurate and also substantially less expensive than animal tests. However, most companies in the United States still refuse to use any of the available alternatives. If alternative method research is continued, it is estimated that all animal testing can be replaced within 15 years. Help to end the abuse of poor, innocent animals. Look for and choose products that do not use animals in the development of their products!


Common folks get left out

I always get a chuckle from the fever pitch in letters from Red State conservatives, especially tea party members. I worry for them about their short-term memory loss. It was just a few years ago that our economy was humming, everyone that wanted a job had one, government bills were being paid and our federal debt was shrinking. What went wrong? Our supreme court gave the 2000 election to a Republican, and things went downhill fast. But as bad as that Florida decision was for us common folks, I believe "Citizens United" will be even worse. Big money will buy every election until this is overturned. Forget that the golden rule is the right thing to do and consider what will happen when the minority becomes the majority. Their rules and laws will be enacted, and they will govern. Do you want your future generations to be treated like your demanding these "others" be treated now? Stop watching for news. Their only concern is for the money they make stirring up fear and anger. Will they still "lookout for you" when that money comes from a different source?


Take violence out of films

According to a survey conducted in both the United States and Norway, both American and Norwegian parents ranked two men kissing as more disturbing for their children to see than the sight of a gory, decomposing head. Over the past few decades, this desensitization to violence has become more and more apparent, with horrific "torture porn" films like the Saw franchise becoming box office sensations. It's just one sign of a larger trend, and major attitude issue in the U.S., where violence is often treated as less disturbing than human sexuality. It's considered perfectly acceptable to air a man torturing and killing another on a prime time network drama, but the second the pants come off and the camera strays a bit too low a program is relegated to the most miserable hours of the night on a low-rent cable channel. I really think it's time the American public took a long, hard look at its entertainment industry. Left to their own devices, the issue will never be resolved. It's time for the American public to let them know that the current situation is simply, utterly, unacceptable.


Times cartoon, unfair, offensive

The cartoon on the Times' Page on Oct. 30 was particularly foolish and silly, not to mention untrue and misleading. Rep. Fleischmann is a very bright, hard-working and conscientious public servant who does his best to represent his constituents, and his best is very good indeed. It continues to amaze me that liberals, the very keystone of whose articulated religion is tolerance and avoiding injury to others' feelings, can be so intolerant and offensive toward those who don't share their views.


Watch TV on the Internet

Why do people pay for both internet and cable when they should be the same thing? EPB now has fiber internet which is fast enough to stream nearly anything without any latency. There are several manufacturers working on a product to bring Internet to the living room. These products will be able to do everything from stream TV episodes and movies to watching YouTube and checking social media sites. One large complaint may be that people want to watch live sports, but this is possible through several websites and could be used with these devices. Companies like Google are making a very cheap device running on Android that will have all of these capabilities. These products are just the beginning for converting older TV sets to this modern era. In the next few years TVs will simply come with an ethernet plug and have these features will be built in. It is only a matter of time until channels will be offered via the internet. The only problem is these devices do not have enough support, but hopefully that will change in the near future.


Cash out welfare

"Why not close down all of the various government welfare services and just give each welfare recipient $100,000?" The question has been asked often, but I've not seen a clear and logical answer. I can't calculate the exact cost/benefit ratio, but it seems obvious that the reduction in tax burden -- even short term -- would be immense. Possibly some of those paid the lump sum might destroy themselves, but that is a moral issue for which the individual must bear his or her own responsibility. Others may be robbed of their "new riches," but that is a crime with which police services deal routinely. Other than a huge loss of bureaucratic jobs and the relaxation of governmental control, what's wrong with the idea?


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Insanity: Pouring more dollars from innocent taxpayers into a category of individuals who choose behaviors which could financially break entitlement systems.

A Sovereign Nation Has the Right to Reward Individuals Within Unions (Marriages) Who Have the Greatest Expectation to Procreate. [Nations Need Taxpayers].

A Sovereign Nation Has the Right to Deny Reward (Insurance/Tax Write-Offs/Death Benefits to Spouses, etc.)to Individual Unions Which do Not Have the Expectation to Procreate.

Also, A Sovereign Nation Has the Right to Discourage Supporting Individuals Who Cost Their Innocent Tax Payers Over $20,000,000,000 [Twenty Billion Dollars] Per Year.

The Average Cost to Treat One Case of HIV/AIDS is Over $400,000 [Four Hundred Thousand Dollars Per Lifetime.] (Source: Center for Disease Control{CDC} HIV Surveillance Report 2009,Vol. 21).

So, My Question to You: "Shall We Change The Definition of Husband to Mean Woman, Or, The Definition of Wife to Mean Man? Shall We Do This Even Though These Unions Go Against The Wisdom and Needs of a Sovereign United States of America? This Chosen Lifestyle is Not to be Forced Upon a Sovereign Nation.

Ken Orr

November 10, 2013 at 6:03 p.m.

So Many Good People, In The Community, and, Here Online, Have Asked Me To Once Again Reveal My Beginning of Many Secular Reasons To Forbid Same-Sex (homosexual) Individuals From Legally Labeling Their Unions As Marriage {In The Traditional Sense}. Ordinarily I Do Not Care To Re-post Comments. Yet, For Those of You Who Have Requested, I Will Once Again Provide The First of Many Non-Religious Reasons:

ARTICLE: Same-sex union not an inalienable right: Response: Just One Secular Reason From The Center For Disease Control {CDC): That Reason: Health Issues, Including The Cost to Innocent Tax Payer Citizens Who Do Not Choose The Homosexual Lifestyle.

Men Having Sex With Men Accounts For Approximately Three-Quarters of HIV/AIDS Diagnoses. The Cases of HIV diagnoses among Men Having Sex With Men is more than 44 times that of Heterosexual men.

According to one study published by the CDC in 2010, one in five Men Having Sex With Men in the 21 cities surveyed has HIV and almost half are unaware of their status.

The federal budget request for fiscal year 2011 included a total of $20.4 billion for domestic HIV and AIDS, a 4% increase from thefiscal year 2010 funding, which totaled $19.6 billion.

Of this, 69 percent is for treatment, 13 percent for cash and housing assistance,and 4 percent for prevention. Lifestyle Choice. They have their exorbitantly priced prescriptions paid for by us...their counseling, transportation, around the clock nursing, etc., etc, etc.

I Am Commanded by My Lord, God, and, Saviour, Jesus Christ, to Love Homosexual Individuals With The Love of God...And I Do! (For The Record).

Kindest Regards, Ken Orr

November 10, 2013 at 6:10 p.m.
lkeithlu said...

A Sovereign Nation Has the Right to Reward Individuals Within Unions (Marriages) Who Have the Greatest Expectation to Procreate.

So I guess fertility tests should be used to determine who gets a marriage license. I suppose tax penalties will be applied when a couple chooses not to have their allotted number of children. This is the craziest reason I have seen yet to punish gay adults for their victimless crime of being in same sex relationships. Of course, any sexual behavior that falls outside the approved list must be banned, and closed circuit cameras will be used for enforcement.

November 11, 2013 at 7:35 a.m.

Ike said......This is the craziest reason I have seen yet to punish gay adults for their victimless crime of being in same sex relationships......I believe Ken is getting close to the real reasons there is a push against these new unions and it's the money. Or better said it's the tax/social benefits awarded to married couples that are the prize. I can see this because I am single without children. Being this way I get the pleasure of paying a little more so married people can get a write off for procreation. Now as Ken has stated procreation is a value to society and child credits are in order but why should you get a dependent/tax credit simply by being married all the while screaming that others that want to be married can not? With that being said there is now validity to the statement "Gay marriage devalues traditional marriage" because if I can go out and marry my buddy so we can enjoy tax benefits afforded married folks then what is the real value in marrying for love and commitment when I can go out and do it for the money! So in my opinion take away the tax credits and head of household credits and dependent write-offs for spouses and the problem will go away. Let those who want to marry marry just stop asking the rest of us to subsidize it.

November 11, 2013 at 9:23 a.m.


So often on various Commentary Sites I have admonished folks to 'Think, and, think again'...and...'Look a little closer' about what people are saying (writing).

Now, what You have written above certainly demonstrates the spirit of what I am asking them to do. I am having to read Your comment over and over...repeatedly trying to uncover Your concepts.

DJHBRAINERD, would You be willing to 'break it down', saying Your main proposals in new wording? This will indeed help people like me...kwo

Thank You, I am learning! kwo

November 11, 2013 at 6:29 p.m.
lkeithlu said...

Thank You, I am learning! kwo

And yet you post the same erroneous crap over and over.

November 11, 2013 at 6:42 p.m.


You will do me a great service by pointing out any error You have discovered in my above comments.

I am serious...You know i have admitted learning from You on several occasions!..ken

November 12, 2013 at 2:13 a.m.
lkeithlu said...

You haven't learned one darn thing from me, Ken.

November 12, 2013 at 6:46 a.m.
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