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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: What Good News on Immigration?

Published Oct. 9 2015

Only in the Obama administration is the deportation of the fewest illegal immigrants in nearly a decade good news.

Cooper: VW 'deaths' worst kind of junk science

Published Oct. 7 2015

An Associated Press statistical and computer analysis of Volkswagen's emissions control cheating suggests the pollution work-around is the cause of...

Cooper: Erlanger lawsuit a pricey, messy lesson

Published Oct. 7 2015

Erlanger hospital left Tuesday's wrongful termination lawsuit in Hamilton County Circuit Court a little lighter in the wallet but perhaps...

Cooper: Who said no good jobs are available in the area?

Published Oct. 6 2015

Politicians and others who claim to speak for disadvantaged groups of people love to throw out the weary canard that...

Cooper: Voucher program offers residents new options

Published Oct. 6 2015

Living in the midst of poverty doesn't guarantee a life of poverty, but it certainly doesn't help.

Cooper: Ramsey's gun suggestion not what Jesus would do

Published Oct. 6 2015

Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey is right about one thing. Christians are under attack, whether it be by jihadist extremism,...

Cooper: Eye on the left

Published Oct. 5 2015

Only days ago during his trip to the United States, Pope Francis was a liberal darling and could no wrong....

Cooper: Improve Best Practices Of Pre-K Across The State To Get Results

Published Oct. 4 2015

A five-year, $6 million study of the effects of Tennessee's Voluntary Pre-K Program reveals that quality, practices and curriculum in...

Cooper: Gun Rhetoric Won't Stop Mass Murder

Published Oct. 3 2015

Once again, President Obama has used a horrific mass shooting to make an argument for gun control.

Cooper: Firing Range Move Good News

Published Oct. 3 2015

Something changed.

Cooper: Haslam Doing The Gas Tax Two-Step

Published Oct. 2 2015

Gov. Bill Haslam may have learned something about the prospect of raising the state gas tax from his Insure Tennessee...

Cooper: VW should take a page from Tylenol

Published Sep. 30 2015

Volkswagen would do well to remember the 1982 Tylenol tragedy and how drugmaker Johnson & Johnson came out the other...

Cooper: Bike lanes worrisome

Published Sep. 30 2015

The new bike lanes under construction on Broad Street -- and soon to be elsewhere -- appear to be an...

Cooper: Ironman receives city's ironclad welcome, support

Published Sep. 29 2015

For every Ironman Chattanooga 2015 competitor Sunday, six people came to the Scenic City.

Cooper: Marine Corps report revelations strengthen need for carry policy

Published Sep. 29 2015

By Defense Department policy, no one was armed at the Marine Corps recruiting center on Lee Highway when Mohammad Youssef...

Cooper: Eye on the left, Rubio Nazi 'Connection'

Published Sep. 28 2015

Marco Rubio, the Florida senator and Republican presidential candidate whom Democrats have tried to smear with revelations that he had...

Cooper: Berke's Program Has Opened World For All Students

Published Sep. 27 2015

If the Chattanooga mayoral term of Andy Berke accomplishes nothing else, his annual allocation of funds that allows every Hamilton...

Cooper: With Xi And Putin, ObamaIs Out Of Pope Moments

Published Sep. 26 2015

As president and first golfer, Barack Obama is undoubtedly used to a lot of gimmes on the green.

Cooper: Boehner's Gone; Now What?

Published Sep. 26 2015

Conservative Republicans may have been glad when U.S. House Speaker John Boehner announced Friday he would step down on Oct....

Cooper: Is Tim Boyd a watchdog or targeter?

Published Sep. 25 2015

Commissioner Tim Boyd seems not to mind playing the role of irritant on the Hamilton County Commission, and that may...

Cooper: School-to-prison pipeline no workshop fix

Published Sep. 25 2015

The key phrase at this week's International Institute of Restorative Practices workshop in Chattanooga was this: "We've got to do...

Cooper: Health insurance deductibles are now employees' bogeyman

Published Sep. 23 2015

Since the 2010 advent of the Affordable Care Act, often known as Obamacare, premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance have risen...

Cooper: Erlanger solidly in the black

Published Sep. 23 2015

Less than a year and a half ago, Erlanger Health System CEO Kevin Spiegel talked in an editorial board meeting...