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Opinion - Columnists

Beale: Why intellectual property is important for Tennessee

Published Feb. 17 2018

What California is to cinema and New York is to fashion, Tennessee is to country music.

Greeson: A prayer for Parkland, who can talk politics, insurance increases, at our best during the worst

Published Feb. 17 2018

Well, this week has been filled with tragedy.

Hart: Winter Olympics - make them stop!

Published Feb. 16 2018

The Olympic Winter Games began, as they always do, with the Parade of Nations — many of which we have...


Greeson: A break-in that calls for a break from status quo

Published Feb. 15 2018

Yes, eight employees of a state-run prison facility should be fired when prisoners are allowed to escape.

Kennedy: Singing set to help pay 10-year-old's medical bills

Published Feb. 15 2018

Chloe Clark, a North Alabama 10-year-old, almost died last month after a sheet of wood decking fell from a roof...

Greeson: Figure skating and college football are more alike than Johnny Weir knows

Published Feb. 13 2018

They let the Games begin.

Smith: That face ... and that precious life

Published Feb. 12 2018

Way to go Gerber Products. In an announcement that the son of Cortney and Jason Warren was selected as the...

Kennedy: A family friends that squeals and beeps

Published Feb. 11 2018

Our Kenmore clothes dryer squeals like a 12-year-old girl at a Justin Bieber concert.

Cook: This Lent, why not fast from politics?

Published Feb. 11 2018

Lent, which begins Wednesday, is perhaps the most underrated and overlooked spot on the calendar, perhaps the least popular of...

Butcher: Leadership is trust

Published Feb. 11 2018

A few months back, I created a post that went viral on LinkedIn. My intent was to share a personal...

Weather closings prevent tragedies and more letters to the editors

Published Feb. 11 2018

I am old enough to remember the March 1960 ice storm that hit the area, including Soddy-Daisy. I wonder if...

McCallie: John P. Franklin: Living history among us

Published Feb. 11 2018

On April 26, John P. Franklin Sr. will celebrate his 96th birthday. It will be a quiet celebration at his...


Good Deed: Chickamauga Chapter DAR donates children's books

Published Feb. 11 2018

At the end of 2017, the Chickamauga Chapter of the DAR donated 320 books to local schools based on our...

Greeson: Value of location, opening ceremonies, playing golf with The Cable Guy

Published Feb. 10 2018

Much has been made of Baylor School PGA alums, the quartet who have secured their PGA Tour cards on the...

Hart: Why the 'memo' matters and should scare everyone

Published Feb. 9 2018

We have grown an alphabet soup of powerful agencies like the FBI, DHS, NSA, DOJ, IRS, etc. We invest them...

Greeson: More past mistakes mean more work for Hamilton County Schools leaders

Published Feb. 8 2018

Well, it's been more than two years since the nightmare at Ooltewah High School.

Kennedy: AARP makes filing taxes less taxing

Published Feb. 8 2018

On Tuesday morning, Donald and Ann Fritz of Red Bank gathered their tax documents in a file folder and headed...

Greeson: An Eagles upset, upset viewers and pondering a better outlet for those upset

Published Feb. 6 2018

The word from Super Bowl Sunday was upset.

Smith: Resist riling the 'resistance'

Published Feb. 5 2018

There's a unified approach of Democrats to politics and government of late that consistently falls perpendicular to their calls for...

Smith: Rising from the mat

Published Feb. 5 2018

In January 1976, I was halfway through my junior year at the Air Force Academy and was directed to referee...

Kennedy: Hide your iPhone chargers now

Published Feb. 4 2018

One question resonates through our house like a chant: Where is my phone charger?


Cook: Our selective Super Bowl anger

Published Feb. 4 2018

In 2017, researchers in Boston examined 111 donated brains of deceased pro football players.

Barr: Chattanooga's first railroad: The Underground Railroad

Published Feb. 4 2018

Perhaps nothing is as iconic in Chattanooga as the railroad. Since 1850, when the Western & Atlantic tracks were laid,...