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Opinion - Columnists

Greeson: Outrage warriors make everything offensive

Published Apr. 24 2018

In the middle of Tennessee a person with few clothes and less sense shot up a Waffle House, leaving four...

Smith: We'd wait for an iPhone X, but voting?

Published Apr. 23 2018

"I forgot." "I didn't have enough time during my lunch break." "I had to get to the kids' soccer, band,...

Cook: Room at the table: An Earth Day invitation

Published Apr. 22 2018

Fifteen years ago this summer, my wife and I stopped eating meat.


Raney: Martin Fleming is the people's judge

Published Apr. 22 2018

During the Great Depression, Judge Martin A. Fleming, Chattanooga city court judge, gathered his court robes and went to work....

Siskin Children's Institute thanks DeFoor Brothers, hosted by Peet's Coffee

Published Apr. 22 2018

Siskin Children's Institute thanks the DeFoor brothers for their continued support of children with special needs in our community.

Resurrection brings hope to Christians and more letters to the editors

Published Apr. 22 2018

If we all would start thinking less of ourselves and thinking more of others, it would cut out a lot...

Greeson: Silly bills, silly lawsuits, questionable school budgeting and high praise for a low country boil

Published Apr. 21 2018

OK, someone tell me why the Tennessee Legislature is getting a big pass.

McCallie: Taking stock of Tennessee treasures

Published Apr. 21 2018

As we celebrate Earth Day on Sunday, take a moment to appreciate the spectacular part we call Tennessee. From the...

Hart: Drama queen James Comey spins his case in Comey v. Comb-Over

Published Apr. 20 2018

"The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons."

Kennedy: Pastor says ride-and-run sport crucial to a balanced life

Published Apr. 19 2018

When she was 15 years old, Sarah Krueger made her dad, Courtney, a deal.

Smith: Debating same topics over and over and expecting something different is social insanity

Published Apr. 19 2018

As a child I read the Scripture about Jesus healing a man possessed by evil spirits (Mark, Chapter 5) many...

Blackburn: Tennesseans' fight against the state income tax

Published Apr. 17 2018

Every time rumblings of a state income tax became prevalent in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Tennesseans across the...

Greeson: Unlimited breadsticks, salad and kindness at local Olive Garden

Published Apr. 17 2018

Monday morning, there was a slew of bigwigs getting together to have the serious conversation about safety in our schools.

Smith: Democrats' future plans all wrong for America

Published Apr. 16 2018

We live in a perpetual cycle of political campaigning, which leaves public officials too little time to govern. And, yes,...

Hart: Loretta Lynch on NBC tells us a lot about the swamp creatures

Published Apr. 15 2018

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch shopped for a soft interview to preemptively rebut former FBI Director James Comey's upcoming book....

Cook: The gold and dust of Jane Henegar

Published Apr. 15 2018

Two moments from last week reminded me of the importance of powerful teaching, especially as the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program...

Kennedy: Three reasons Atlanta is kicking it in soccer

Published Apr. 15 2018

I recently witnessed the most amazing thing.

Bowen: My Point, Exactly...My Millennials

Published Apr. 15 2018

My family loves to play games. We started years ago with Password, Monopoly, charades and bridge. It's not that we...

Gaston: The amazing career of Francis Lynde

Published Apr. 15 2018

Few Chattanoogans are aware that our most prolific local author lies in Forest Hills Cemetery, where he was buried on...

Nation depending on our sound votes and more letters to the editors

Published Apr. 15 2018

An April 3 letter, "America hurtling down an irreversible path," was 100 percent correct.

Event raises money to 'Press Out Domestic Violence'

Published Apr. 15 2018

The month of April means it's time to for the annual Bench Press competition at Erlanger's downtown campus in which...


Greeson: School leadership - good and bad - and the one person who hates Chick-Fil-A

Published Apr. 14 2018

We are going to move quickly today. In addition to other items on the honey-do list, we have to respond...

Kennedy: Love beer? Hop on the bus

Published Apr. 12 2018

Two Chattanooga couples say it's about time the city has its own beer bus.