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Opinion - Columnists

Parker: Inglorious hackers

Published Dec. 26 2014

WASHINGTON -- If I were a cartoonist, a phrase cartoonists are loath to hear, I'd sketch a chubby imp donned...

Hart: Capitalism will free Cuba

Published Dec. 26 2014

In one of his few good decisions (and desperately in search of a positive legacy item), President Obama announced his...

Kennedy: Red kettle Christmas

Published Dec. 25 2014

Christmas in America was not always this bountiful.

Dionne: Christmas joy without piety

Published Dec. 25 2014

WASHINGTON -- I once told a favorite pastor of mine that I liked him because he wasn't too pious. ...

Smith: Yes, Virginia, There is a Jesus

Published Dec. 25 2014

The reign of Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus 2,000 years ago was disconcerting for many countries.

Cook: Mary and Joe's manger of today

Published Dec. 24 2014

Would we have reported on the Nativity?

Shaw: Devices don't always translate to better health

Published Dec. 24 2014

Thinking about gifting yourself one of those new wearable health devices you've been hearing so much about? You know, those...

Gerson: Room for non-conformity

Published Dec. 24 2014

WASHINGTON -- The movie "The Imitation Game" has revived deserved interest in Alan Turing, the eccentric genius of Bletchley Park...

Cook: Congratulations. Teaching is now a blue-collar job.

Published Dec. 23 2014

Teaching in Hamilton County has become a blue-collar profession.

Smith: What does Christmas cost me?

Published Dec. 22 2014

Thursday is Christmas Day.

Dionne: The duck that roared

Published Dec. 22 2014

WASHINGTON Politics in a democracy is a team sport that leans heavily on individual high performers.

Cook: Something worse than hell

Published Dec. 21 2014

The letter arrived in the newsroom on an ordinary day in an ordinary white envelope.

Kennedy: Our family is harried for the holidays

Published Dec. 21 2014

Every night my wife and I huddle.

Krauthammer: How to fight the lone wolf

Published Dec. 21 2014

WASHINGTON — The lone wolf is the new national nightmare, dramatized and amplified this week by the hostage-taking attack in...

Elliott: 'It Was Useless to Complain': The Union Army Forages North Hamilton County

Published Dec. 21 2014

In late September 1863, just a week or so after the Federal defeat at Chickamauga, Montgomery C. Meigs, the Quartermaster...

Dionne: Chuck Schumer: Take two

Published Dec. 21 2014

WASHINGTON — Sen. Charles Schumer gave Democrats a talking-to about their obligation to stand up for government’s role in helping...

Ignatius: Swinging for the fences

Published Dec. 20 2014

WASHINGTON The nadir for President Obama's foreign policy was probably last April.

Robinson: A win for the Cuban people

Published Dec. 19 2014

WASHINGTON — President Obama's historic opening to Cuba is long overdue — and has a chance of hastening the Castro...

Cook: North Korea fought Hollywood and won. Good.

Published Dec. 19 2014

It seems that North Korea fought Hollywood and won.

Hart: Outraged at paying $80 million to torture

Published Dec. 19 2014

Constantly second-guessing and blaming the previous administration have been taken to unpresidential depths by Barack Obama. ...

Parker: Talk about a wildfire

Published Dec. 18 2014

WASHINGTON — First there's the spark, then the conflagration, followed by the litigation and then, surely, the movie.

Kennedy: A magic dress, a chance romance

Published Dec. 18 2014

Elsa Connally, of Cohutta, Ga., didn't hesitate to say yes to the dress.

Cook: If it drives like a cab, it's an Uber

Published Dec. 17 2014

The kids were acting up the other night. You know, pushing the limits. Rude, sneaky, too big for their britches,...