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Opinion - Columnists

Greeson: Area road warriors make snow easier to take

Published Feb. 28 2015

We talked this time last week about how our area's meteorologists have added pressure when the forecast calls for the...

Huffstutter: Keep Physician-Patient Relationship Healthy in 2015

Published Feb. 28 2015

A new class of biologic medications is giving a new lease on life for many patients. Biologics are used to...

Cook: Working 5 to 9 in Chattanooga

Published Feb. 27 2015

In the middle of a party earlier this winter, my friend fell asleep on the couch. ...

Hart: Judge's losing fight against same-sex marriage

Published Feb. 27 2015

Same-sex marriage now is legal in 37 states (and about 10 other states have become bi-curious), but apparently not in...

Ignatius: Iran nuclear talks coming to a head

Published Feb. 27 2015

WASHINGTON -- Prussian King Frederick the Great offered this rebuke to those who refused to allow any concessions: "If you...

Greeson: Clear difference between discipline and abuse

Published Feb. 26 2015

I believe in spanking. I was spanked, and see the value in it as a seldom-used, high-end punishment option beyond...

Kennedy: Telling war stories, 70 years later

Published Feb. 26 2015

Clarence Schutt, 89, pushed down his sock to show me his left ankle.

Cook: Snow on the ground, honey in the heart

Published Feb. 25 2015

My wife was snoozing in her kerchief. I was in my cap. Earlier that night, we'd settled in for a...

Dionne: Taking Obamacare for granted

Published Feb. 25 2015

Will it take the repeal of the Affordable Care Act or its evisceration by the Supreme Court for us to...

Cook: If it takes a village, this is the website

Published Feb. 24 2015

Local artist and teacher Robin Howe often works with area students, especially during the summer, when she runs a workshop-camp...

Greeson: Hanging with Mr. Cooper, a real American hero

Published Feb. 23 2015

Nestled in the heart of Red Bank, not far from Dayton Boulevard, lives an American hero. ...

Smith: Net Neutrality -- Try ObamaNet

Published Feb. 23 2015

In a matter of days, the Federal Communications Commission, led by an unelected political appointee who formerly served as an...

Gerson: Taming the government 'Leviathan by proxy'

Published Feb. 23 2015

WASHINGTON -- For the six years of the Obama presidency, or perhaps the last 35 years since Ronald Reagan's election,...

Welch: Suing state for funding best course of action

Published Feb. 22 2015

After several months of debate and deliberation, the Hamilton County Board of Education voted Thursday night to pursue the first...

Cook: Tennessee's role in ending slavery

Published Feb. 22 2015

This week, Sen. Bob Corker hopes to introduce one of the most magnificent bills of his career. It is global...

Kennedy: This funk fan gets down to 'Uptown'

Published Feb. 22 2015

My family thinks I'm crazy -- and they might be right.

Krauthammer: Go nuclear: Abolish the filibuster

Published Feb. 22 2015

WASHINGTON -- I've been radicalized. By Harry Reid and Barack Obama. Goodbye moderation and sweet reason. No more clinging to...

Elliott: The public spirit of citizen Moses H. Clift

Published Feb. 22 2015

The early fall of 1878 was a time of fear in Chattanooga. Yellow fever stalked the city. The disease caused...

Wright: What about housing for low-income families?

Published Feb. 22 2015

The Times Free Press report on Feb. 7 about a $30 million housing project that targets UTC students states that...

Commissioners pad their vote-buying funds

Published Feb. 21 2015

So much for talk of doing away with Hamilton County commissioners' discretionary funds.

Greeson: Dirt circles, farewells, snow is a four-letter word

Published Feb. 21 2015

Alex Roberts made the Times Free Press this week with his plans to jazz up the dirt mound off Highway...

Sharp: Improvements needed in development tax incentives

Published Feb. 21 2015

When it comes to deciding whether a tax break should be granted in Chattanooga, our elected officials seem to allow...

Parker: The riddle of war

Published Feb. 21 2015

WASHINGTON -- There's a very 2001 feel to President Obama's request for authorization to use military force and the nauseating...