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Opinion - Columnists

Loftin: Trump, dread and the GOP

Published May. 6 2016

Democrats faced the 1972 presidential election with foreboding when it soon became clear that their nominee, South Dakota Sen. George...

Martin: What Kevin Muhammad got right ... and wrong

Published May. 6 2016

On Tuesday, the Chattanooga City Council made an unusual move. Members allowed — after some initial hand-wringing the week before...

Hart: Veep sweepstakes fantasy league draft choices

Published May. 6 2016

A tough few weeks for Ted Cruz has culminated with a crushing defeat in Indiana and his decision to suspend...

Kennedy: Adolph Ochs' desk finds its way home

Published May. 5 2016

The old desk is completely unpretentious.

Greeson: National Day of Prayer asks America to wake up

Published May. 5 2016

Today, for the 65th time, is the National Day of Prayer.

McCallie: Transparency elusive in zoning rules revamp

Published May. 5 2016

What are transparency and trust worth in building a city? It's not a new question, but it is a hot...

Greeson: Happy May everyone, and may we all be better

Published May. 3 2016

It's been more than a year since the Times Free Press gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts here...

Smith: Pray, Chattanooga

Published May. 2 2016

Tuesday morning, a large annual gathering of men and women from the region will line up for breakfast and assemble...

Tolene: TVA's reservoirs available for everyone

Published May. 2 2016

TVA's mission of service began 83 years ago when we tamed the Tennessee River System and brought electricity to one...

Kennedy: In life, you get what you get

Published May. 1 2016

For months, I've been nursing a pinched nerve in my back.

Cook: The illusion of stopping gang violence

Published May. 1 2016

Chattanooga will never stop gang violence.

Griscom: Howard Baker remembered as a statesman/photographer who snapped history

Published May. 1 2016

For most, the late U.S. Sen. Howard Baker is remembered as a statesman who brought a calming hand to the...

Greeson: Pedal bike lanes somewhere other than Frazier Avenue

Published Apr. 30 2016

This paper's David Cobb had an interesting story in Friday's edition about bike lanes that are planned for Frazier Avenue.

Martin: Kevin Muhammad's 'State of the City'

Published Apr. 29 2016

I don't know Kevin Muhammad. Never met the guy. But every few months I come across his name in a...

Hart: Let's potty like it's 1999 -- unneeded restroom laws divert attention from real issues

Published Apr. 29 2016

Here is a Prince of an idea: No matter the new bathroom laws, let's potty like it's 1999.

Greeson: Historically bad presidential choices should lead to change

Published Apr. 28 2016

When wondering about the future, you can always check in with the Magic 8 Ball.

Kennedy: MOMentum provides support for college-age single moms

Published Apr. 28 2016

Cara Hicks, a 31-year-old Chattanooga mother of four, has a solid family life and a supportive husband.

Greeson: Blaming the messenger will never excuse school board mistakes

Published Apr. 26 2016

I do not know Dr. Kirk Kelly, the new interim superintendent of the Hamilton County Schools system.

Kennedy: Why men talk about sports, cars and politics

Published Apr. 24 2016

When I was a young boy, my father and I talked about three things: sports, cars and politics. To be...

Cook: Does the Gig have a mind of its own?

Published Apr. 24 2016

When city leaders and planners recast and re-branded Chattanooga as Gig City, they did so in an attempt to attract...

Aldridge: Tivoli's last picture show

Published Apr. 24 2016

In 1961, Chattanooga citizens received the shocking news that the Tivoli Theatre, the city's cherished movie palace, would close.

Good Deed: Lost wallet returned

Published Apr. 24 2016

Earlier this month my son lost his wallet.

Greeson: Politics rather than students served by school board vote

Published Apr. 23 2016

So Hamilton County Board of Education members got together Thursday afternoon and ignored years of frustration. A majority — five...