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Opinion - Columnists

Smith: Focus on students, not bureaucracy, for better outcomes

Published Sep. 25 2017

Only 36 percent of U.S. adults "express a great deal or quite a lot of confidence in public schools," according...

Gerber: Why go back to the '80s?

Published Sep. 24 2017

Chattanooga's got a lot going for it — mountains, a river, a vibrant downtown, not to mention crazy-fast internet.

Kennedy: 'Daddy, how big is Chattanooga?'

Published Sep. 24 2017

The human mind searches for context.


Boyd: Finding your mission critical to entrepreneurial success

Published Sep. 24 2017

What's one trait that women entrepreneurs who build profitable, lasting businesses have in common?

Cook: How much tourism is left in the ground?

Published Sep. 24 2017

Like any nonrenewable energy source, our current tourist economy will one day run dry. Past economies prove this death-rebirth life...

Murray: Confederate dilemma after Chickamauga

Published Sep. 24 2017

By the time Lt. Col. E.P. Alexander, Gen. James Longstreet's artillerist, arrived in Chattanooga, the battle of Chickamauga was already...

Good Deed: Lee University establishes emergency fund for nursing students

Published Sep. 24 2017

Lee University has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Gertrude E. Skelly Charitable Foundation to establish an emergency fund...

Krugman: Cruelty, incompetence and lies

Published Sep. 23 2017

Graham-Cassidy, the health bill the Senate may vote on next week, is stunningly cruel. It's also incompetently drafted: The bill's...

Hart: 'It's like, literally, like, amazing' ... Ughh

Published Sep. 22 2017

Maybe I am getting old. I remember a time when TV and water were free and pornography cost money. Now...

Martin: To-may-to, to-mah-to on tax breaks

Published Sep. 22 2017

"A bag tax, what's that?"

Greeson: Great fare, and a farewell to CVB leader Bob Doak [videos]

Published Sep. 21 2017

When I was invited to the annual Chattanooga Area Convention and Visitors Bureau luncheon, my first thought was, "Sure, thanks."

Kennedy: From Bethel to Baylor in one generation

Published Sep. 21 2017

We hear a lot about upward mobility and how hard it is to achieve in 21st century America.


Smith: The new clothes of the political left

Published Sep. 21 2017

In 1837 Danish author Hans Christian Anderson published" The Emperor's New Clothes," a fable that appeals to both children and...

Land: Economic development and a clean environment

Published Sep. 21 2017

Fairly or not, the Environmental Protection Agency has long held a reputation in some circles as the liberal hippie child...

Richardson: Jemele Hill told the truth, and the proof is in Trump's own words

Published Sep. 20 2017

Jemele Hill, who is one of the hosts for Sports Center on ESPN, has taken several hits from conservative writers...

Greeson: War of the message now benefiting messengers

Published Sep. 19 2017

Did you know this week is U.S. Constitution Week?

Smith: Big data, big dangers

Published Sep. 18 2017

Pre-orders for the 10th anniversary iPhone that uses facial recognition instead of a PIN or passcode are now being accepted....

Brown: Candidates needed for family chief finance officers

Published Sep. 17 2017

In the Smart App spending generation, there are various ways to make a purchase.

Good Deed: Community comes together to help Texas hospital after Hurricane Harvey

Published Sep. 17 2017

Erlanger Health System and its associates, along with assistance from Nolan Elementary School, recently gathered donations to help the needs...

Greeson: A monthly sacrifice for love, asking Bob to run and Saturday stars

Published Sep. 16 2017

OK, this week we went to PetSmart to get some dog food. Our bulldog — Bo Jackson — enjoys Royal...

Smith: School board must act decisively and deliberately

Published Sep. 16 2017

I received a letter Tuesday from UnifiEd with a recommendation about what the Board of Education should do with the...


Hart: Irma's hype was worse than her bite

Published Sep. 15 2017

Full disclosure: My mom is named Irma. I know. Not a storm or a name you'd wish on anyone.

Martin: Medical marijuana committee a helpful development

Published Sep. 15 2017

"The Senate, bless their heart, are [sic] just scared to death."