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Opinion - Columnists

Cook: The banality of terrorism and the everydayness of love

Published May. 22 2015

In 1961, the philosopher Hannah Arendt traveled to Jerusalem to witness the trial of Nazi chief Adolf Eichmann, the man...

Hart: Stephanopoulos steps in it

Published May. 22 2015

"Journalist" George Stephanopoulos, the baby-faced chief anchor of ABC "News," misled the public about his ties to the Clintons. His...

Kennedy: Piano stores and American economics

Published May. 21 2015

In the last presidential election cycle there was a kerfuffle about whether businesses are people, too. Remember? ...

Smith: Moral Clarity Would Be Refreshing Change

Published May. 21 2015

In a democratic nation, freedom and morality are equal foundational blocks for the entire edifice.

Ignatius: A big setback in Ramadi

Published May. 21 2015

WASHINGTON -- The capture of Ramadi last weekend by Islamic State fighters is a significant setback for U.S. strategy in...

Greeson: What's important and what's less important; only Coppinger knows

Published May. 21 2015

It was like a boxing undercard -- the preliminary fights before the main event -- only without the excitement. ...

Cook: If it's broke, don't fix it -- our school funding problem

Published May. 20 2015

At 3 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, schools Superintendent Rick Smith goes before the Hamilton County mayor and commission to present his...

Cook: How to rebuild a city, one relationship at a time

Published May. 19 2015

Several months ago, Dr. Elaine Swafford spoke at Baylor School's annual celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Gerson: Corporate irresponsibility over GMOs

Published May. 19 2015

WASHINGTON -- Pass any Chipotle these days and you will see signs claiming credit for removing ingredients that contain GMOs...

Smith: On education, demand local control

Published May. 18 2015

Many declare little difference exists between policies of the right and left. Yet taking time to examine a key contrast...

Greeson: Let's dial back on those across-the-board raises

Published May. 18 2015

This is a busy week around the governmental buildings in Hamilton County.

Kennedy: Shopping for a car: Try not to overthink

Published May. 17 2015

In theory, buying a car should be easy for me.

Cook: The prodigal father graduates

Published May. 17 2015

In 2011, Destin Sisemore, the smartest kid in high school, was walking across the Lake-view-Fort Oglethorpe graduation stage with valedictory...

Dionne: The poor get a moment

Published May. 17 2015

WASHINGTON -- Will we regard poverty as a haunting national problem, or will the focus groups continue to tell politicians...

Krauthammer: Save Obama (on trade)

Published May. 17 2015

WASHINGTON -- That free trade is advantageous to both sides is the rarest of political propositions -- provable, indeed mathematically....

Moore: How the St. Elmo community got its name

Published May. 17 2015

Located at the site of an ancient Native American crossroads, St. Elmo was Chattanooga's first suburb.

Gerson: Seeking mutual respect amid conflict

Published May. 16 2015

WASHINGTON -- The sign of a first-rate intelligence, according to F. Scott Fitzgerald, is "the ability to hold two opposed...

Greeson: 'No mas' on debatable decisions such as Hutcheson, Taco Bell

Published May. 16 2015

Man, if Hutcheson Medical Center in North Georgia had a soundtrack, it would have to be the theme to "The...

Cook: Helping every student have courage like a lion

Published May. 15 2015

As an alum, I'm proud of Red Bank High School. It's a National School of Excellence. Many National Merit scholars....

Hart: Court vindicates Snowden, rebukes NSA

Published May. 15 2015

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." ...

Parker: Defining deity down

Published May. 15 2015

WASHINGTON -- It is nearly axiomatic that presidential contests tend to shine a harsh light on conservative Christians -- inasmuch...

Greeson: Trying times for Tom and Todd are telling

Published May. 14 2015

Mistakes are plentiful for all of us.

Kennedy: Tying the knot tightly

Published May. 14 2015

Dorothy Peoples will be 76 years old in September.