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Opinion - Columnists

Cook: Moving forward on memorials to honor Johnson and Blount

Published Jan. 25 2015

A week ago, I wrote of the possibility of installing a marker, plaque or sign on the Walnut Street Bridge...

Kennedy: Why audiences are falling silent at the end of 'American Sniper'

Published Jan. 25 2015

Everybody is buzzing about the film "American Sniper."

Fleischmann: Mr. President, work with us

Published Jan. 25 2015

Many of us in Congress are hoping that President Obama can find common ground with the new Republican House and...

Gaston: Robert Scholze: An iron pot, dead mule

Published Jan. 25 2015

A family friend joked that Robert Scholze came to Chattanooga in 1870 to make his fortune with an iron pot...

Krauthammer: Iran's emerging empire

Published Jan. 25 2015

WASHINGTON -- While Iran's march toward a nuclear bomb has provoked a major clash between the White House and Congress,...

Gibson: Independent public notices key to government transparency

Published Jan. 24 2015

When governments create or authorize state and local agencies to create new programs, they typically require some measure of public...

Dionne: Obama: Damn the torpedoes

Published Jan. 24 2015

WASHINGTON -- "This is good news, people."

Gerson: The fight for the middle class

Published Jan. 24 2015

WASHINGTON -- When you strip away all the layers of cockiness, preachiness and delusion in President Obama's 2015 State of...

Cook: How to lose 14,000 times and still win

Published Jan. 23 2015

Red Klotz died.

Hart: Toystory Story Is No Bull

Published Jan. 23 2015

There was sad news last week in the world of animal breeding. Toystory, the bull that set the world record...

Kennedy: Don't mess with 'Paris Killton'

Published Jan. 22 2015

Ah, roller derby -- I remember it well.

Ignatius: Foreign policy's post-Obama pivot

Published Jan. 22 2015

WASHINGTON -- President Obama has been chafing for months at the notion that he's a lame-duck president.

Smith: Dr. King was right: Only love can drive out hate

Published Jan. 22 2015

This week we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, the only individual honored by a national holiday in our country.

Cook: 1,000 foot long water slide coming to downtown Chattanooga

Published Jan. 21 2015

This summer, on July 25, a water slide that's as long as three football fields is coming to downtown Chattanooga.

Cook: A welcome center by and for VW

Published Jan. 20 2015

Haven't we done enough for VW?

Gerson: Obama can't wish away terrorism

Published Jan. 20 2015

WASHINGTON -- President Obama's 2014 State of the Union address is remembered today mainly for this bit of rhetorical irony:...

Dionne: What change sounds like

Published Jan. 20 2015

WASHINGTON -- When he opened the 114th Congress, House Speaker John Boehner declared that "too many are working harder only...

Smith: The Willful Ignorance of Obama

Published Jan. 19 2015

If you were raised as a child before the 24-hour availability of television, online programming, iPads, or any other digital...

Who benefits under the Insure Tennessee Plan?

Published Jan. 18 2015

Insure Tennessee, the innovative health insurance proposal Gov. Bill Haslam announced in December, will help secure a healthier future for...

Cook: Why some Chattanoogans won't walk across Walnut Street Bridge

Published Jan. 18 2015

In 1906, an innocent black man named Ed Johnson was terrorized, beaten, shot and lynched from the second span of...

Kennedy: A love letter to YouTube

Published Jan. 18 2015

My vote for best invention of the Digital Age goes to -- insert drum roll here, please -- YouTube. ...

Krauthammer: Obama: Charlie who?

Published Jan. 18 2015

WASHINGTON -- On Sunday, at the great Paris rally, the whole world was Charlie. By Tuesday, the veneer of solidarity...

Summers: Nellie Kenyon was a pioneer journalist who covered big stories

Published Jan. 18 2015

A slight woman with an inquisitive mind, Nellie Kenyon stands out in the history of investigative journalism in Chattanooga during...