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Opinion - Columnists

Martin: Could the Trump budget stimulate civic engagement?

Published Mar. 24 2017

Last Thursday, I was minding my own business, thoroughly invested in the the first day of the NCAA men's basketball...

Hart: Gorsuch and such

Published Mar. 24 2017

Spring is the time of year when we have NCAA March Madness, which reminds us that Butler really is a...

Kennedy: Where's the Greatest Generation when we need it?

Published Mar. 23 2017

I had an epiphany this week while interviewing a 99-year-old man: The generation that journalist Tom Brokaw dubbed the Greatest...


Greeson: Adding some items to the school superintendent job description

Published Mar. 23 2017

So, the search firm hired to look for arguably the most important Hamilton County employee is having a hard time...

Greeson: Turning March Madness into April gladness

Published Mar. 21 2017

How's your tournament bracket?

Smith: Spending but not saving

Published Mar. 20 2017

America's got personal debt and cash flow problems.

Opinion: What Howard High teens can teach Hamilton County officials

Published Mar. 19 2017

Wednesday afternoon's baseball game at Howard School wasn't cold. Sure, it was barely 40 degrees, with a bitter wind, but...

Robinson: Coming together to create the school budget

Published Mar. 19 2017

As you sit and listen to school board discussions about Hamilton County Schools' budget, it's tough to have a discussion...

Kennedy: The power of the pout

Published Mar. 19 2017

Never underestimate the power of the pout.

Chattanooga History Column: Harriet Whiteside was ahead of her time

Published Mar. 19 2017

Harriet Leonora Straw was born May 3, 1824, in Wytheville, Va., and educated at the Moravian School in Salem, N.C....

BASF invests in local STEM education with Engineering Week donations

Published Mar. 19 2017

In honor of Chattanooga Engineers Week, BASF joined business and community leaders at the 2017 E-Week kickoff luncheon and banquet...

Greeson: Thinking about Blockbuster, Christy's Super party, more college kids than ever

Published Mar. 18 2017

Yes, it's been really cold outside.


Martin: Can the GOP claim City Hall?

Published Mar. 17 2017

Chattanooga city elections were March 7 — roughly a week and a half ago, which in the age of the...

Hart: Isolated from the real world, liberal colleges continue to embarrass

Published Mar. 17 2017

Back when I was in college, a "rager" was a wild party. Now the only "ragers" college kids have is...

Greeson: Forget sound bites, let's find school solutions

Published Mar. 16 2017

The Hamilton County Commission and the Hamilton County Board of Education got together Tuesday night, and other than being elected...

Kennedy: Chattanooga spelling bee champ got late start on English

Published Mar. 15 2017

Lisa Lin's oversized smile can lift the mood of a room.

Greeson: Madness of March is big business for gamblers

Published Mar. 14 2017

The NCAA basketball tournament is to the most casual gambler what the Super Bowl is to the most laissez-faire football...

Cook: The pope, 'Hamilton' and Howard baseball

Published Mar. 12 2017

Not long ago, I heard of a Chattanooga man who bought season tickets to the Fox Theater in Atlanta. Why?...

Chattanooga History Column: Southern Adventist University

Published Mar. 12 2017

Dedication, sacrifice and vision mark the beginnings of what is now Southern Adventist University. With nearly 3,000 students, this institution,...

Hamilton County volunteers recognized for efforts

Published Mar. 12 2017

Gavin Cooley and Holly Dieken have been chosen winners of Hamilton County's 2016 Governor's Volunteer Stars Awards.

Greeson: Underwhelming city election and praising the backpack-packing crowd

Published Mar. 11 2017

The headline read "Officials cite voter fatigue for low turnout," and maybe that's right.

Martin: Did Manny Rico save Chris Anderson? And other post-election musings.

Published Mar. 10 2017

The moment early vote numbers went public when the polls closed on Tuesday, it was hard not to think Andy...

Hart: Another crazy week for Trump v. Washington

Published Mar. 10 2017

One by one, Trump is working on the campaign promises that got him elected: tightening our borders, working on cutting...