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Opinion - Columnists

Dionne: The duck that roared

Published Dec. 22 2014

WASHINGTON Politics in a democracy is a team sport that leans heavily on individual high performers.

Smith: What does Christmas cost me?

Published Dec. 22 2014

Thursday is Christmas Day.

Cook: Something worse than hell

Published Dec. 21 2014

The letter arrived in the newsroom on an ordinary day in an ordinary white envelope.

Kennedy: Our family is harried for the holidays

Published Dec. 21 2014

Every night my wife and I huddle.

Dionne: Chuck Schumer: Take two

Published Dec. 21 2014

WASHINGTON — Sen. Charles Schumer gave Democrats a talking-to about their obligation to stand up for government’s role in helping...

Elliott: 'It Was Useless to Complain': The Union Army Forages North Hamilton County

Published Dec. 21 2014

In late September 1863, just a week or so after the Federal defeat at Chickamauga, Montgomery C. Meigs, the Quartermaster...

Krauthammer: How to fight the lone wolf

Published Dec. 21 2014

WASHINGTON — The lone wolf is the new national nightmare, dramatized and amplified this week by the hostage-taking attack in...

Ignatius: Swinging for the fences

Published Dec. 20 2014

WASHINGTON The nadir for President Obama's foreign policy was probably last April.

Robinson: A win for the Cuban people

Published Dec. 19 2014

WASHINGTON — President Obama's historic opening to Cuba is long overdue — and has a chance of hastening the Castro...

Cook: North Korea fought Hollywood and won. Good.

Published Dec. 19 2014

It seems that North Korea fought Hollywood and won.

Hart: Outraged at paying $80 million to torture

Published Dec. 19 2014

Constantly second-guessing and blaming the previous administration have been taken to unpresidential depths by Barack Obama. ...

Parker: Talk about a wildfire

Published Dec. 18 2014

WASHINGTON — First there's the spark, then the conflagration, followed by the litigation and then, surely, the movie.

Kennedy: A magic dress, a chance romance

Published Dec. 18 2014

Elsa Connally, of Cohutta, Ga., didn't hesitate to say yes to the dress.

Cook: If it drives like a cab, it's an Uber

Published Dec. 17 2014

The kids were acting up the other night. You know, pushing the limits. Rude, sneaky, too big for their britches,...

Gerson: For a politics of repair

Published Dec. 17 2014

WASHINGTON -- The just-ending 113th Congress was not, by most measures, productive. But its endgame was at least instructive. ...

Dionne: Obama’s Boehner bailout

Published Dec. 17 2014

WASHINGTON — How often will President Obama come to House Speaker John Boehner’s rescue even when Republican leaders aren’t willing...

Cook: The biggest small thing

Published Dec. 16 2014

There are few things as beautiful and hopeful as a man or woman sitting still in meditation. ...

Sharp: Magic 8 ball TIFs are bad policy

Published Dec. 16 2014

It looks like Santa Claus didn’t get the letter.

Cooper: 'Immersion Project' a bold step

Published Dec. 15 2014

I attended the recent presentation by Chattanooga Police Academy cadets and found it so inspiring and in such contrast to...

Smith: Turtles on Fence Posts

Published Dec. 15 2014

"If you ever see a turtle on a fence post, you know it didn't get there by itself." ...

Elliott: Andersonville claimed several Hamilton County soldiers

Published Dec. 14 2014

During the course of the Civil War, 56,000 men died in confinement as prisoners of war.

Samuelson: Happiness curve rises with age

Published Dec. 14 2014

WASHINGTON — We all want to be happy, don’t we? Well, if you’re dissatisfied, frustrated or downright miserable, cheer up....

Cook: The bonus that was, then wasn't

Published Dec. 14 2014

The executive bonuses came.