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Red Clay celebrates the Cherokee: A people "all of one fire"

Published Aug. 29 2015

This fall marks the 177th anniversary of the Trail of Tears — a stain on America's conscience to be remembered...

Greeson: Obama's recent shank, UT's gender fender-bender, three Ashley Madison-free ZIP Codes

Published Aug. 29 2015

The FedEx Cup golf playoffs start this week, and Jordan Spieth has to be the favorite.

Samuelson: Behind the crash, the commodities bubble

Published Aug. 29 2015

WASHINGTON -- First was the dot-com bubble, then the housing bubble. Now comes the commodities bubble.

Transportation fixes vital

Published Aug. 29 2015

Rush hour, the 5 p.m. time when most commuters leave their jobs for home, is now rush hours in Chattanooga.

Planners: Please speed up traffic congestion fixes

Published Aug. 29 2015

We knew traffic was bad and getting worse.

Sohn: Years and years and years of school failures must end

Published Aug. 28 2015

Stop the presses. Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith said the school district can no longer neglect the importance of...

Schools Holding Onto Other Funds?

Published Aug. 28 2015

No one doubts the need for more and better innovation in Hamilton County Schools, but Superintendent Rick Smith's recent decision...

Cooper: ACT test woes are part of national crisis

Published Aug. 28 2015

Five weeks ago, we learned Hamilton County public school students tested below average on state tests.

Chattanooga 'heart' on display 10 years ago and other letters to the editors

Published Aug. 28 2015

Saturday marks the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina's landfall on the Gulf Coast and the subsequent devastation of the city...

Martin: Beacon Center's new Legal Foundation a welcome addition

Published Aug. 28 2015

You own the house.

Opinion: Trump triumphing by being himself

Published Aug. 28 2015

It has been a remarkable month. Donald Trump -- "Citizen Vain" -- has taken the country by storm. Voters disgusted...

Ignatius: On eve of Xi's U.S. visit, China loses some luster

Published Aug. 27 2015

WASHINGTON -- When U.S. policymakers began planning Xi Jinping's state visit to Washington next month, they must have imagined that...

Greeson: Schilling latest one in the crosshairs of PC police

Published Aug. 27 2015

First off, Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany are never funny.

Biden candidacy would be formidable

Published Aug. 26 2015

Will he or won't he? It is the month of decision for Vice President Joe Biden.

Beware of the GOP's stock market analysis

Published Aug. 26 2015

The U.S. stock market grew steadily for more than six years straight — the third longest bull market in U.S....

Cosby: Doctors advised my mom to abort me

Published Aug. 26 2015

Several years ago, I visited my parents for a holiday family get-together. At one point, I went downstairs to peruse...

Trump's appeal is scary for country and more letters to the editors

Published Aug. 26 2015

I find the popularity of Donald Trump quite frightening.

Why Trump keeps fooling the media

Published Aug. 25 2015

When will the national cable network media stop trumpeting Trump?

Local rate hikes traceable to White House

Published Aug. 25 2015

With rate hikes announced by BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee and the Tennessee Valley Authority on Friday (when such bad news...

Eye on the Left: King's 'Can We All Get Along?' Not Being Taken To Heart

Published Aug. 24 2015

Someone's not taking to heart the plea of the late police violence victim Rodney King: "Can we all get along?"

Don't forget: Fossil fuels are finite! and more letters to the editors

Published Aug. 24 2015

One aspect of the fossil fuel/climate debate is being completely ignored by everyone. This essential fact is lost in the...

Smith: The personification of our political times -- Donald Trump

Published Aug. 24 2015

At his first town hall meeting in Derry, N.H., Donald Trump embraced vocal supporters as "my people," with calls, cheers...

Mapp: The Day Belongs to Decent-Minded People

Published Aug. 23 2015

As the son and namesake of James R. Mapp, I was very touched by the many expressions of sympathy and...