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Martin: Good luck, David Cook

Published Jul. 31 2015

The best part about having a Friday column is that I get to watch news unfold throughout the week and...

Hart: Why de Blasio tries to run Uber off the road

Published Jul. 31 2015

The story of Uber in New York City unmasks the reality of the Democrats: politicians beholden not to the citizens'...

Dionne: GOP one heck of a dysfunctional family

Published Jul. 31 2015

WASHINGTON -- If you wonder why Congress is so feeble these days that it can't even find a simple way...

Iran supporting fight against ISIS and more letters to the editors

Published Jul. 31 2015

A letter to the editor published on Monday stated that the Islamic State is "backed by Iran." Not true.

Greeson: Jack Daniel's and Tennessee football, a season for the drink

Published Jul. 30 2015

I am a fan of Jack Daniel's work, especially when he acts like a Gentleman.

Kennedy: Camp Raccoonooga's young delegates practice flip-flop diplomacy

Published Jul. 30 2015

The delegates call it Camp Raccoonooga.

President, others fail to protect and more letters to the editors

Published Jul. 30 2015

As to a recent letter to the editor headlined "We need a gun-free America now:" The unfortunate fact is this:...

The funerals are over, but closure is ongoing

Published Jul. 29 2015

The final funeral Tuesday for the servicemen killed in the July 16 attacks on two Chattanooga military offices brings an...

America is polarized but ambivalent

Published Jul. 29 2015

WASHINGTON -- So accustomed are we to highlighting the polarized nature of our politics that we often forget how many...

GOP field is trumpitized and trumpifying

Published Jul. 29 2015

It's a sad day for the Republican Party when Chris Christie is making more sense than the man leading the...

Poets reflect a dangerous path away from God and more letters to the editors

Published Jul. 29 2015

The authors of the poems in David Cook's July 24 column are confused.

Gerson: Coronating a wounded queen?

Published Jul. 29 2015

WASHINGTON -- The most surprising revelation in recent presidential polling is not that Donald Trump has low favorability in key...

No easy answers forthcoming when the mind's involved

Published Jul. 28 2015

The brightest scientists, neurologists and psychologists don't know exactly how the mind works and how things influence the mind in...

Pace: Why a mom joined a D.C. climate protest

Published Jul. 28 2015

Every day of a mother's life revolves around her children. Most days are very much like others, filled with getting...

Are we helping extremists recruit our lost children?

Published Jul. 28 2015

In an ISIS-controlled territory of Syria two weeks ago, a 29-year-old woman raised in the Chattanooga suburb of Hixson who...

Eye on the left: Obama Proclaims 'Government Never Better'

Published Jul. 27 2015

President Obama, in a conversation last week with "The Daily Show's" Jon Stewart, said government has never worked better.

Smith: Beauty through Brokenness, Chattanooga's Choice

Published Jul. 27 2015

On July 16, our great community was viciously attacked in a targeted act of terrorism.

Confederate flag a symbol of treason and other letters to the editors

Published Jul. 27 2015

The several ordinances of the seceding Southern states all point to slavery as the reason for secession.

Gerber: A national tragedy in our backyard

Published Jul. 26 2015

Typically in this column I pull back the curtain on the front page and talk about the reasoning behind our...

Good Deed: Retired Hixson teacher, Chris Hockert, raises funds for earthquake ravaged Nepal

Published Jul. 26 2015

More than five years ago, retired Hixson teacher Chris Hockert heard about the dire conditions of a school in a...

Editorial: Yes, The Government Wants Some Of Your Weapons

Published Jul. 26 2015

The Obama administration wants to prevent all Social Security recipients from owning guns.

Cook: A columnist looks at 42

Published Jul. 26 2015

Not long ago, my wife told me about something called the "Six Word Memoir." Created by Smith magazine, the idea...

Kennedy: Parenting in a time of terror

Published Jul. 26 2015

It's been 10 days now since the shootings that wounded our city, and it feels like it's time to move...