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Greeson: Sneaky Six shift from sly to silly

Published Jul. 4 2015

Ah, the Sneaky Six, you remember them, right?

Gerson: Congress' Iran moment

Published Jul. 4 2015

WASHINGTON -- Late in the evening on April 13, speaking to a meeting of about 55 senators, Secretary of State...

Battered, Bruised America Still Offers Great Promise

Published Jul. 4 2015

It would be easy to say, as some are, that the United States has made its final turn for the...

Dionne: How much do we value work?

Published Jul. 4 2015

WASHINGTON -- Central to our national self-understanding is the idea that hard work pays off.

America, our freedoms continue to evolve

Published Jul. 4 2015

Our Founding Fathers fought for American independence and wrote an enduring framework for freedom that remains an evolving work in...

Discretionary Funds Battle Better Drama Than Reality TV

Published Jul. 3 2015

Next up on reality television, "Discretionary Funds Fight Club."

Magna Carta column misses the point and other letters to the editors

Published Jul. 3 2015

Your June 20 Life section column, "Why Christians should celebrate the Magna Carta," presents a complete misunderstanding of the 13th-century...

Hart: Trump raises the entertainment bar of presidential race

Published Jul. 3 2015

You have to hand it to Trump. He started out broke and, by pure determination and grit, built a big...

'Tireless' Dam Work Has Paid Off

Published Jul. 3 2015

U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, R-Chattanooga, often uses the word "tirelessly" when he describes how he has worked to get construction...

Martin: Still selling Obamacare

Published Jul. 3 2015

Half a decade after signing the Affordable Care Act into law, President Obama is still trying to sell it.

Tennessee Promise Can Be A Hand Up For Many

Published Jul. 2 2015

If ever Gov. Bill Haslam hopes to tell his critics "I told you so," it will be if his Tennessee...

California Joins 21st Century

Published Jul. 2 2015

California, which led states in recent years in parents shying away from vaccinating their children, now has one of the...

To our council and lawmakers: It's time to move past the past

Published Jul. 2 2015

William Faulkner summed up the South well in Requiem for a Nun.

Greeson: Flag can go, but freedoms must be guarded

Published Jul. 2 2015

I was born in the South, and I am proud of that.

Kennedy: Would you pay $28 to be handcuffed to a stranger and locked up in a jail cell?

Published Jul. 2 2015

Would you pay $28 to be handcuffed to a stranger and locked up in a jail cell with just a...

Zach Wamp gets Marco Rubio's appeal

Published Jul. 2 2015

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is only one of more than a dozen candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination,...

Ignatius: A modern version of 'massive resistance'?

Published Jul. 2 2015

WASHINGTON -- After the Supreme Court's historic 1954 ruling in Brown v. Board of Education, Southern politicians adopted a strategy...

Gerson: Religious and gay rights must coexist

Published Jul. 1 2015

WASHINGTON — It is often the fate of conservatives to be concerned about the fire code and occupancy limit at...

What's next after the Confederate flag? and more letters to the editors

Published Jun. 30 2015

I am saddened by our actions at times in our great United States of America.

Scalia should have stuck to 'I'm not a scientist'

Published Jun. 30 2015

The Supreme Court took a hard right onto the conservative road of science denial Monday with its 5-4 opinion to...

Dionne: The acceleration of history

Published Jun. 30 2015

WASHINGTON — Sometimes history speeds up. Rarely in our nation's 239 years of life has a single week brought such...

Smith: Recommit to authentic liberty

Published Jun. 29 2015

On Saturday, America will celebrate her 239th birthday, a birthday born from 13 colonies uniting under a rallying cry for...

Eye on the left: American, Not Confederate, Flag The Real Problem

Published Jun. 29 2015

Left-wing darling Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam group, thinks the country shouldn't stop at taking down the...