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Cook: The life, death and resurrection of Kelly Gissendaner

Published Mar. 1 2015

In 1998, Kelly Gissendaner was convicted of plotting the murder of her husband. The state of Georgia sentenced her to...

Good deed: Couple at Aldi's thanked for picking up grocery tab

Published Mar. 1 2015

I was shopping at Aldi's one Saturday afternoon when I realized I had left my debit card at home. I...

Krauthammer: The fatal flaw in the Iran deal

Published Mar. 1 2015

WASHINGTON -- A sunset clause?

Honerkamp: Whatever happened to Citico Mound?

Published Mar. 1 2015

"Out of sight, out of mind." The truth of this adage is never better demonstrated than with the story of...

Hate Pool Big Enough For All

Published Mar. 1 2015

The Southern Poverty Law Center purports to be an organization that, according to its website, fights hate, teaches tolerance and...

Budget primer: Maintaining highways 101

Published Mar. 1 2015

Remember those math word problems that made most of us groan and turn green and claim the dog ate our...

Shopper grateful that keys left on car in Walmart parking lot remained there untouched and other letters to the editors

Published Mar. 1 2015

Honest people were shopping at Walmart in Lookout Valley last week. Let me explain.

The Rants

Published Mar. 1 2015

The scum of the Earth are legislating denial of medical access for the needy and voting access for the minority....

Interneting our way toward net neutrality

Published Feb. 28 2015

It shouldn't take a genius to understand that the broadband Internet has moved quickly from being a luxury to a...

Greeson: Area road warriors make snow easier to take

Published Feb. 28 2015

We talked this time last week about how our area's meteorologists have added pressure when the forecast calls for the...

Huffstutter: Keep Physician-Patient Relationship Healthy in 2015

Published Feb. 28 2015

A new class of biologic medications is giving a new lease on life for many patients. Biologics are used to...

Net Neutrality And Chocolate Doughnuts

Published Feb. 28 2015

Net neutrality is a bit like a sugary, glazed, iced doughnut.

Closer to home: EPB expansion gets FCC nod

Published Feb. 28 2015

People living on the fringes of downtown Chattanooga might remember the days when they cursed dial-up Internet and called about...

Black history is American history

Published Feb. 27 2015

It is a given that we should lament the fact we rely on a calendar designation for "Black History Month."...

Cook: Working 5 to 9 in Chattanooga

Published Feb. 27 2015

In the middle of a party earlier this winter, my friend fell asleep on the couch. ...

Hart: Judge's losing fight against same-sex marriage

Published Feb. 27 2015

Same-sex marriage now is legal in 37 states (and about 10 other states have become bi-curious), but apparently not in...

Ignatius: Iran nuclear talks coming to a head

Published Feb. 27 2015

WASHINGTON -- Prussian King Frederick the Great offered this rebuke to those who refused to allow any concessions: "If you...

Kennedy: Telling war stories, 70 years later

Published Feb. 26 2015

Clarence Schutt, 89, pushed down his sock to show me his left ankle.

Greeson: Clear difference between discipline and abuse

Published Feb. 26 2015

I believe in spanking. I was spanked, and see the value in it as a seldom-used, high-end punishment option beyond...

Congress' keystone pipeline bill gets deserved veto

Published Feb. 26 2015

"I am returning herewith without my approval S[enate Bill] 1, the 'Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act.'" ...

Keystone Pipeline Not Dead Yet

Published Feb. 26 2015

The good news about the Keystone XL oil pipeline is that President Barack Obama's Tuesday veto of a bill for...

Let voters decide marriage issue and other letters to the editors

Published Feb. 26 2015

Amid all the considerable and constant issues about same-sex marriage, instead of having our courts thoroughly bullied, why not put...

Cook: Snow on the ground, honey in the heart

Published Feb. 25 2015

My wife was snoozing in her kerchief. I was in my cap. Earlier that night, we'd settled in for a...