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Cook: God bless you, man -- the life of King Oehmig

Published May. 27 2015

"Follow me and I'll make you fishers of men." -- Gospel of Matthew

Record state revenue no panacea

Published May. 27 2015

The Haslam administration has predicated its 2016 budget on the Tennessee economy growing at a rate of between 3 and...

Forget climate denial, there's a new kid in town

Published May. 27 2015

Climate denial is passé.

Megathlin: Honor bows to valor

Published May. 27 2015

Steve Vernaccini Jr., at age 91, wasn't too keen on leaving his comfortable home for a long trip. But his...

Dionne: The right's political correctness

Published May. 27 2015

WASHINGTON -- Scott Walker insists that when he changes his positions, he is not engaged in "flips." ...

Foremost, Iraqis should want to save their country

Published May. 27 2015

If Iraqis are not interested in fighting to save their country from forces of the Islamic State, what chance does...

Ignatius: The center needs a voice

Published May. 26 2015

WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton's move to the left on trade and other issues is a reminder of the growing power...

Pay students to leave schools and more letters to the editors

Published May. 26 2015

What helps students? Parents involved. Small class size. Variety, since each student is unique. Flexibility, since family situations change.

In memory of our fallen dead

Published May. 25 2015

Today -- Memorial Day -- is the day we honor those who died in our wars. ...

Memorial Day -- Not For Men Only

Published May. 25 2015

Though Chattanooga National Cemetery personnel say they have no way of knowing how many women veterans are among the 44,000...

Smith: Honor Our Fallen; Celebrate Those Who Serve

Published May. 25 2015

It's Memorial Day, or Decoration Day as it was known in the past, when we dutifully honor those men and...

Honor sacrifice ... the day after Memorial Day

Published May. 25 2015

Happy Memorial Day.

Taylor, Komiske: New state-of-the-art Children's Hospital is investment in our city

Published May. 24 2015

Chattanooga has become a destination city for tourists and is considered one of the nation's greatest cities to call home....

Good Deed: Hats off to Citizens Tri-County Bank in Dunlap for donation

Published May. 24 2015

Visitors from all over the world have come to see the Children's Holocaust Memorial (better known as the Paper Clips...

Cook: Memorial Day and the end of war

Published May. 24 2015

Memorial Day is a good and proper time to ask: Can war ever end?

Lexia Unlikely To Be Magic Bullet

Published May. 24 2015

Many baby boomers improved their reading comprehension with in-class, color-coded Science Research Associates (SRA) cards.

Kennedy: 5 phasesof family film-going

Published May. 24 2015

Last Sunday, my teenage son and I went to see the new film "Mad Max: Fury Road," which might be...

Krauthammer: You want hypotheticals? Here's one

Published May. 24 2015

WASHINGTON -- Ramadi falls. The Iraqi army flees.

The Rant

Published May. 24 2015

George Bush is blamed for everything except slavery, treatment of Native Americans and menthol cigarettes. President Obama gets blamed for...

Winer: The early history of B'nai Zion Synagogue

Published May. 24 2015

Jewish immigration to the United States exploded from 1880 through 1920. Two million Jews, mostly from Eastern Europe, came to...

City's reading program is hedge on tomorrow

Published May. 24 2015

Last week, the Chattanooga City Council voted unanimously to expand a $500,000 youth reading program by $150,000 with the United...

How can wetlands destruction be 'progress'? and other letters to the editors

Published May. 24 2015

Last week, a beautiful wetland in our neighborhood was, by city "code," demolished, leaving frogs hanging from trees to die,...

Gates Right About Scouts But For Different Reasons

Published May. 23 2015

Boy Scouts of America President Robert Gates warned Thursday that not allowing openly gay adults in Scout leadership roles "will...