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Greeson: UTC to honor five military heroes from July 16

Published Sep. 1 2015

When the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football team runs onto Gordon Davenport Field at Finley Stadium on Saturday evening,...

Will Obama's 'show-and-tell' on climate change be too late?

Published Sep. 1 2015

It is about time -- no, long overdue -- that a U.S. president is visiting the melting glaciers of the...

Who will take responsibility for crumbling East Ridge stadium?

Published Sep. 1 2015

The holes in East Ridge High School's Raymond James Stadium didn't appear overnight, so somebody somewhere should explain why the...

Dionne: Iran and the case for realism

Published Sep. 1 2015

WASHINGTON -- Foreign policy debates rarely get away from being reflections of domestic political conflicts, but they are also usually...

Fisher: New public records fees would choke off citizen oversight

Published Aug. 31 2015

Should the Tennessee Public Records Act permit the government to charge citizens to inspect public records? A series of public...

Eye on the left: Dems say Bush 'Got It Right' On Katrina

Published Aug. 31 2015

Liberal Democratic operative Donna Brazile and liberal journalist Walter Isaacson admitted last week what many conservatives have known all along...

TFP cartoon shows hypocrisy and other letters to the editors

Published Aug. 31 2015

At the risk of the TFP cartoonist calling me a callous jerk, I must nonetheless observe that some Americans would...

Smith: The Tennessee Way, Business Leadership Makes Good Government

Published Aug. 31 2015

Less than two weeks ago, Gov. Bill Haslam recognized that "Tennessee is increasingly becoming an international tourist destination, and all...

Cook: Grief and the violence of July 16

Published Aug. 30 2015

The five servicemen killed on July 16? Their lives mattered. Immeasurably. Indescribably so.

Times opinion: Guns don't kill, huh? Tell that to the 8,481 shot dead since Jan. 1

Published Aug. 30 2015

Bring on the guns. And, by all means, let's all practice our quick draws -- just like in the reruns...

Good Deed: Piney Woods back to school event

Published Aug. 30 2015

The kids who live in Chattanooga's Piney Woods community went back to school with all the supplies they needed to...

Chilton: Don't lay fault at feet of TCAPs

Published Aug. 30 2015

I used to play high school football. I was considered a "smart" player.

Pollitt: Pioneering health care for African-Americans

Published Aug. 30 2015

The story of African-American health care in Chattanooga begins in 1905, the year Dr. Emma Wheeler and her husband, Dr....

Free Press Opinion: Ashley Madison May Be Drop In Bucket Of Cyberterrorism

Published Aug. 30 2015

Let's face it. If United States government websites with the most sensitive of information are easily hacked, all of our...

Krauthammer: What six years of 'reset' have wrought

Published Aug. 30 2015

WASHINGTON -- On Sept. 5, 2014, Russian agents crossed into Estonia and kidnapped an Estonian security official. Last week, after...

Thanks Memorial surgical and other letters to the editors

Published Aug. 30 2015

This is a letter of appreciation to Dr. Shauna Lorenzo and all of the staff of the surgical center at...

The Rant

Published Aug. 30 2015

Americans save the French. Again. French security runs away. Again. History really does repeat itself, doesn't it? Semper Fi.

Red Clay celebrates the Cherokee: A people "all of one fire"

Published Aug. 29 2015

This fall marks the 177th anniversary of the Trail of Tears — a stain on America's conscience to be remembered...

Greeson: 3 zip codes in America have no Ashley Madison accounts

Published Aug. 29 2015

The FedEx Cup golf playoffs start this week, and Jordan Spieth has to be the favorite.

Planners: Please speed up traffic congestion fixes

Published Aug. 29 2015

We knew traffic was bad and getting worse.

Transportation fixes vital

Published Aug. 29 2015

Rush hour, the 5 p.m. time when most commuters leave their jobs for home, is now rush hours in Chattanooga.

Samuelson: Behind the crash, the commodities bubble

Published Aug. 29 2015

WASHINGTON -- First was the dot-com bubble, then the housing bubble. Now comes the commodities bubble.

Sohn: Years and years and years of school failures must end

Published Aug. 28 2015

Stop the presses. Hamilton County Schools Superintendent Rick Smith said the school district can no longer neglect the importance of...