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Congress needs to vote on issues, not on Obama

Published Apr. 27 2015

Finally last week, Loretta E. Lynch, the United States attorney for the Eastern District of New York, was confirmed as...

Greeson: Exercising your freedoms comes with consequences

Published Apr. 27 2015

Want to know the most isolated group in America?

Gerson: 'The road to character'

Published Apr. 27 2015

WASHINGTON -- Most of us have an image of the counterculture, shaped by memory or mythmaking, that involves Haight-Ashbury, flea-market...

Eye on the left: Lapdog Press Corps Souring

Published Apr. 27 2015

Although the White House press corps probably voted nearly unanimously for President Barack Obama in his 2012 re-election bid, its...

Smith: Save your seed corn

Published Apr. 27 2015

Whether you've ever had a garden, the term "seed corn" is heard on occasion in Southern dialogue, especially in making...

Metaxas: Giving women and their babies a second chance

Published Apr. 26 2015

Do you think that it's impossible to reverse an abortion? Well, think again!

Can South Koreans run for County Commission?

Published Apr. 26 2015

Just got back from Chicago, where journalists from all over the country met to talk about education. U S. Secretary...

Kennedy: Hold on 'Automatic,' is older stuff really better?

Published Apr. 26 2015

Every time my family piles into the Toyota, my wife thumbs around on her iPhone and cues up the song...

Good Deed: HCEMS paramedic reads to Snowhill Elementary students

Published Apr. 26 2015

Hamilton County EMS Lt. Billy Burnette recently participated in the Dr. Seuss' Read Across America celebration at Snow Hill Elementary...

Dear Abby: Nonstop talkers take toll on those stuck listening

Published Apr. 26 2015

DEAR ABBY: I have noticed that some people in my age group (60s) are becoming compulsive talkers. These people don't...

The Rant

Published Apr. 26 2015

Why make voting mandatory? When you do not take the opportunity to vote, you have already voiced your opinion. ...

Murray: Mutual disgust 1862: Kirby Smith vs. Braxton Bragg

Published Apr. 26 2015

Gen. Edmund Kirby Smith was disgusted with Gen. Braxton Bragg after the Battle of Perryville, Ky. But it could have...

Krauthammer: Obama's Nixon doctrine: anointing Iran

Published Apr. 26 2015

WASHINGTON -- In December, President Obama said that he wished to see Iran ultimately become a "very successful regional power."...

One Postman's Peaceful Protest

Published Apr. 26 2015

Earlier this month, a mailman named Douglas Hughes from Ruskin, Fla., who wanted to make a political statement, landed a...

Conversation requires not just putting forth your ideas, but listening as well; and other letter to the editors

Published Apr. 26 2015

Conversation is defined as a verbal exchange of ideas, opinions or facts between individuals.

Greeson: Bruce Jenner, delicious chicken and the Bible

Published Apr. 25 2015

Bruce Jenner bared his soul to Diane Sawyer on Friday night.

Dear governor, our parks just took a bullet

Published Apr. 25 2015

Dear Gov. Haslam, We commend your thoughtful letter to members of the Tennessee General Assembly whose guns-in-parks legislation you signed...

Dionne: The Gingrich-Adams lesson

Published Apr. 25 2015

WASHINGTON -- Let us now praise Newt Gingrich. Yes, Newt Gingrich.

Owen: A year for freedom and prosperity

Published Apr. 25 2015

The four-month session of the Tennessee General Assembly is usually a time when Chattanooga residents should guard their wallets and...

Cook: I think of you and persevere: the lesson of Peggy Michaels

Published Apr. 24 2015

Strange, how God works.

Dear Abby: Woman wants breast augmentation surgery but doesn't want to offend parents

Published Apr. 24 2015

DEAR ABBY: I am 23 years old, working full-time as a teacher and I'm about to move out of my...

Immigrant Students Get Cold Shoulder

Published Apr. 24 2015

Left out in the cold as lawmakers adjourned the first session of the 109th Tennessee General Assembly on Wednesday was...

Freedom Of Religion vs. From Religion

Published Apr. 24 2015

It is a shame that Hamilton County will have to spend even more money defending its invocation prayers if a...