Male Call: Sweet! Secret to (nearly) every woman's heart

Male Call: Sweet! Secret to (nearly) every woman's heart

May 21st, 2010 in Blogsfirstperson

"He's really sweet."

"He's really sweet."

No there isn't an echo in this column. That would be an excerpt from two different conversations from my most recent Girls Night Out.

Two of my girlfriends met new persons-of-interest lately. And both described these new men using the same word: sweet.

And then I remembered that another friend, who got engaged last week also mentioned her fiance's eternal sweetness just the day before.

And that's when it hit me.

All single women are looking for their own unique Mr. Right. But sweet, which in Womanese translates to kind, thoughtful and polite, might be a constant force of attraction in the male-female universe.

A lot of women fall for funny. A lot of women are magnetized by smarts. And some women go for the fusion of funny, smart and hot.

But by my calculations, at least 99 percent of women go for sweet. Of course, I should disclose that my calculations are based on my girlfriends, who are pretty sweet themselves. So who knows what my margin of error is?

But nevertheless, I think I'm right about this.

Yes, there are women out there who don't appreciate sweet guys, and for that, I'm sorry. I have no idea why they are like that.

Maybe they've only dated guys who are jerks. Or they like the drama of being treated poorly. Or they are just cranky because their shoes hurt their feet. Who knows?

But the women who are really worth knowing truly value sweetness in a man.

Of course, there is a caveat: Don't be too sweet. We don't like our teeth to hurt because we can bulldoze you like a big pile of sugar.

So long story short, most women really appreciate kindness and thoughtfulness. In fact, we appreciate sweetness so much we're usually willing to accept it over another constant force of attraction in the male-female universe: six-pack abs.

Gina Bever is a local public relations professional and woman-about-town. She's known for providing her friends - male and female - with thousands of hours of free therapy and (asked for) relationship advice.