Gardening now runs in the family

Gardening now runs in the family

May 5th, 2010 by Associated Press in Blogsfood

I've always been interesting in gardening. My dad's dad was a gardener, and so was my dad before he moved into Hickory Valley. Might try planting him a small garden, though, now that he's on the first floor and has a small plot of land outside his window.

This year, though, for the first time, I've got a new raised bed that a neighbor built for me. I love it. No more digging up the hard ground around my house. It's not good soil, anyway. I had top soil delivered and a big dump truck backed up and filled the raised bed full. Next came tomatoes, peppers, basil and okra, along with zinnias for some color. I love zinnias.

We'll just see if I inherited a green thumb. Will let you know how it progresses in the future weeks. I've just gotta have a good tomato by mid-June. What's the earliest you've ever had one?

I promised my neighbor a tomato pie, too. Oh, the goodness of summer produce. Now, let's just hope the deer and rabbits stay at bay. Sorry PETA, but I'll shoot the first one that lays a foot in my raised bed. No one messes with a tomato-lover's summer tomatoes.