XMC Inc. covers full range of office supplies, equipment

XMC Inc. covers full range of office supplies, equipment

November 5th, 2012 by BY JACK HOWLAND in Business Experts
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IT analyst Michael Howe helps prepare a customer's order at XMC Inc.

In an office environment, where technological change and innovation are inevitable and require the proper equipment and products in order to provide the best possible customer service, XMC Inc. covers all the bases.

XMC specializes in a full range of office supply equipment, print services and electronic document management and has recently become the second largest Xerox dealer in the United States.

Account Executive Kipp Coffman is ready to help customers with their document, equipment and supply needs.

Account Executive Kipp Coffman is ready to help...

XMC's versatility and ability to adapt to changing technologies has contributed to the company's continued success not only as a Xerox dealer, but also as a leader in the document management field. To adapt to the constant technological change, XMC President and CEO Bob Hamilton and his crew of tech-savvy employees are continually educating themselves on the newest and best innovations, and also educating their clients accordingly.

As such, XMC has been awarded "Super Star Performer" status by the Xerox Corporation, an award which recognizes superior performance and leadership among sales and services of Xerox products. Only four out of 400 agencies receive this designation, Hamilton noted.

Such an accomplishment has been made possible by XMC's commitment to quality service and a uniquely personal approach to how XMC provides such services to clients, Hamilton said.

"These awards underscore our commitment to delivering document technology and services that help our customers improve and simplify the way they do business," he said. "Our employees make it possible, consistently delivering high-quality technical support in conjunction with a genuine passion for customer service."

In a world where more documents are becoming digital and businesses are transitioning to paperless records, XMC provides key electronic document management service in the form of Smart Search, a software system that scans and archives documents electronically, explained Hamilton.

"Smart Search is an absolutely amazing piece of software. It reduces the time that a particular document goes from one department to another in an office setting," he said.

Smart Search allows a business to scan a document and, once scanned, the software indexes it and pushes it through the organization efficiently, effectively and quickly. Additionally, the software backs up the files to a secure hard drive, thus preventing the files' potential loss and allowing the business to retroactively access the documents any time.

Such a commitment to offering customer service and high-quality and innovative products is one of the main reasons XMC has been serving the Southeast for so long and continues to expand into more markets. Begun by Hamilton in 1992 as a one-man operation, XMC Inc. is currently enjoying its 20-year anniversary.

The main headquarters are based out of Memphis, but there are 10 offices throughout the Southeast providing service to six states: Tennessee, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama.

Hamilton added that he hopes to open his 11th location sometime in 2013.


XMC recently opened a Chattanooga branch, located at 700 Market St., and local product and service inquiries can be made by calling 423-702-7239 or visiting xmcinc.com. The corporate office can be contacted at 888-814-3114.

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"Our employees make it possible, consistently delivering high-quality technical support in conjunction with a genuine passion for customer service." - Bob Hamilton, president and CEO of XMC Inc.

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