From CEO to staff, XMC brings wealth of experience

From CEO to staff, XMC brings wealth of experience

June 18th, 2013 by Brandi Dixon in Business Experts
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Bob Hamilton and Sean Seward, from left, have decades of experience in printing.

With 39 years in the printing business, XMC CEO Bob Hamilton brings his knowledge and experience to the forefront of every facet of the company.

"My granddad owned a printing company in Jackson, and my dad worked down the street from him selling office equipment," Hamilton recalled. "I started out helping them at age 8 and have been very fortunate to spend the rest of my life in this business ever since."

Hamilton came to XMC 20 years ago when he got a franchise for the company in Memphis, Tenn. His vision, as referenced on the company's website, is "to expand into multiple markets throughout the Southeast by offering a pleasant customer service experience backed by competent technical support." It grew from there and he now has 75 employees in 10 locations.

And the business is growing more every day, including here in Chattanooga, Hamilton added. "I enjoy watching the employees grow in our business and in life," he said of the local branch's development. "We've been in Chattanooga for two years and the growth opportunity here thrills me."

He also commended the local Chamber of Commerce and business leaders for the work they do to help fuel the business community.

"We [XMC] have the same focus and thrive on that," he said. "The local business community is so warm and friendly and the leaders are to be commended for the growth they've brought to the area."

To that end, he shared that the local XMC branch is getting ready to bring the local business community together in a big way by offering a series of lunch and learn sessions over the next year to help introduce everyone to XMC's products and services.

"I love bringing on new customers and delighting them with what we can do," Hamilton said. "We are the only American company still left in the business, and our equipment is the best on the market. I encourage local businesses to call on us, challenge us, and we will show you the best American technology at work."

Not only are the products top of the line, so are his employees. XMC staff undergoes an intensive Xerox training program for 6-8 weeks to get them certified in the product. This training then allows them to be able to better serve local businesses, said Hamilton.

"They can confidently sit down in front of a client, analyze their needs, their processes and come up with an approach utilizing our technology to help make their company more productive and improve their overall bottom line," he explained.

Upcoming sessions for the local business community will be announced soon, and those interested are welcome to call the local office to find out more.

Hamilton said he looks forward to his trips to the Chattanooga XMC office and one day hopes to relocate here with his family.

"It's such a beautiful place, and I love being a part of what's going on here," he said.