First Miss Cheerwine rolls through Chattanooga

First Miss Cheerwine rolls through Chattanooga

June 11th, 2011 by Ellis Smith in Business Around the Region

• Name: Spencer Cummings

• Age: 23

• Position: Cummings is the inaugural Miss Cheerwine, a traveling ambassador for the bubbly, cheery-flavored soft drink who will travel throughout the Southeast introducing the beverage to new fans and connecting with old ones.

• First job: Wendy's at age 15

• Motivation: She thought it would be an "absolutely exciting, amazing" summer job, since she grew up drinking the beverage in North Carolina and was well-versed in its heritage.

• Best part of the job: Besides being given as much free Cheerwine as she can drink, Cummings enjoys touring new places and meeting new people, she said. Currently based out of Chattanooga to pursue an advanced degree at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, the job gives her the opportunity to visit cities such as Nashville and Knoxville that she hasn't seen before.

• Worst part of the job: "That it may have to end at some point"

• What she's learned: A psychology major, Cummings has been able to study the business side of the company, learning marketing techniques and practices. She's also gained a deeper understanding of how passionate fans of the drink can be, as she stopped at Riverbend on Friday to offer free samples to locals. Cheerwine, which is approaching 100 years of ownership by the same family, became available in Chattanooga in early January, she said.

• How to make a career out of it: "I would say, pursue your dreams, and always keep an amazing and positive attitude," she said. While nothing is set in stone, she'd be happy to do the job for another 30 years, she said. "This is the most exciting, fun job I have ever had," Cummings added. She will return to Chattanooga on Sunday, July 24, according to the schedule posted on Cheerwine's Facebook page.