Chattanooga's Memorial Hospital renovates pharmacies with bar coding system

Chattanooga's Memorial Hospital renovates pharmacies with bar coding system

February 12th, 2012 by Ellis Smith in Business Around the Region

Luther Phillips, right, and Michael Howard work on wooden shelves in the Memorial Hospital pharmacy.

Photo by Angela Lewis /Times Free Press.

• Name: Memorial Hospital Glenwood Pharmacy, Memorial Hospital Hixson Pharmacy

• Location: Memorial Hospital Glenwood is at 2525 de Sales Ave., just off Glenwood Drive; Memorial Hospital Hixson is at 2051 Hamill Road, in Hixson near Highway 153.

• Status: The pharmacy renovation at Memorial Hospital Glenwood is expected to be complete in April, while the pharmacy at Memorial Hospital Hixson is expected to be completed in March, according to hospital spokesman Brian Lazenby.

• Price: Construction is projected to cost about $600,000. This price does not include the cost of new equipment.

• Features: The project is a renovation of the pharmacies at both Memorial Glenwood and Memorial Hixson campuses to make room for additional equipment. While the renovation at the Glenwood pharmacy will yield 7,000 square feet of additional space, the Hixson project is a complete renovation with no additional space added. Memorial's goal, Lazenby said, is to improve patient safety by installing a bar coding system that will track medications all the way to the patient's bedside. Because some medicines come in bulk and are not individually packaged, the Talyst Repackager and integrated inventory management storage system will package medicines in individual doses and labels with bar codes to match a patient. One system will be at each hospital, Glenwood and Hixson.

• Contractors: Vega Corp. and EMJ Corp.