Chattanooga-based fitness expert helps small businesses get in shape

Chattanooga-based fitness expert helps small businesses get in shape

July 10th, 2012 by Carey O'Neil in Business Around the Region

Kelly Summersett watches as Brock Insurance employees exercise Thursday in Rossville, Ga.

Photo by Angela Lewis/Times Free Press.

Name: Fit by Kelly

Products/services: Group personal training sessions for employees of small businesses.

Location: Based in Chattanooga, personal trainer Kelly Summersett travels to workplaces throughout the region.

Contact information: 423-240-9748,,

Age: Summersett has been a trainer for 10 years, but just started helping small businesses this year.

Target market: Summersett's goal is to affect the health habits of as many people as she can. "I want to touch thousands of lives, and for me it makes sense to do it in a business environment because I reach more people than I can with one-on-one training," she said.

Training benefits: Other than the obvious health benefits to employees, having a trainer can help lower insurance costs and increase the workers' productivity, Summersett said. "It really is changing corporate culture," she said. "A lot of employees are so grateful for the opportunity."

Biggest challenge: In the past, Summersett worked with clients one-on-one. Trying to track down businesses and sell her service is a new challenge. "The hardest thing is being a one-man show and having to do the marketing, and do it all," Summersett said. "It's hard sometimes to get the word out."

Five-year goal: Scale up her business. Summersett is happy to be helping small businesses now, but as she learns to handle bigger groups, she hopes to increase class sizes and affect more people. One day, she may even move to motivational speaking. "I like to take people and help them start seeing the future and be there with them," she said. "It's a partnership, and they get excited about their future and I get excited about their future and it all comes together."