Small Biz: Dayton's Treasure Barn offers treasures for all ages

Small Biz: Dayton's Treasure Barn offers treasures for all ages

March 12th, 2012 by Kimberly McMillian in Business Around the Region

Marty Calbaugh, co-owner of newly-opened The Treasure Barn in downtown Dayton, Tenn., hangs a large dreamcatcher to a Native American display inside his family's store. Photo by Kimberly McMillian

Marty Calbaugh, co-owner of newly-opened The Treasure Barn...

• Name: The Treasure Barn, which opened Feb. 28

• Owners: Marty Calbaugh, 46, and his wife, Carla

• Location: 306 Second Ave. in Dayton, Tenn.

• Products: Vintage china, golf clubs, a 1970s telescope, "Gone with the Wind" memorabilia, Native American decor, antique scrapbook of party themes and clothing; appliances and furniture, along with assistance in locating sought-after items.

• Why started? After he suffered a job-related injury last year, Calbaugh said that prompted a change in employment. Combining his family's love for the country and interest in treasure-hunting at yard sales inspired the store's name.

• Startup investment: Calbaugh said, "I don't owe the bank," so he minimized the startup costs to under $15,000, with plans to recoup by December.

• Price range: 50 cents (for smaller items) up to $150 (for furniture or appliances).

• Target market: Calbaugh smiled as he looked at the array of displayed items and said, "We've got something for everyone."

• Biggest hurdle: Staying focused on daily tasks at hand, such as arranging displays to "keep it fresh," he said.

• Biggest reward: Calbaugh's relaxed personality lends itself useful when conversing with and understanding his customers. "Talking with them and not to them," he said, proves beneficial in obtaining and maintaining customer-satisfaction.

• Lesson learned: He said that he's realized that economic struggles have left "a lot of people in need" to provide for their families on a limited budget.

• Five-year goal: Within the next three years, Calbaugh said he plans to expand the store's selections with additional appliances and furniture. His 10-year goal includes a flower shop, with its own unique nature-inspired arrangements.