Business Briefs: Decosimo merges with Hyatt firm

Business Briefs: Decosimo merges with Hyatt firm

December 19th, 2013 by Associated Press and Staff Report in Business Around the Region

Nick Decosimo

Photo by Doug Strickland/Times Free Press.

Decosimo merges with Hyatt firm

The Chattanooga-based CPA firm Decosimo is adding a specialty accounting firm in Franklin, Tenn., through a merger agreement announced Wednesday. Larry Hyatt & Associates, which employs eight people, joins the Decosimo firm to add a second office in Middle Tennessee. Hyatt will serve as principal and director of state and local tax.

"This merger will bring our existing clients additional expertise that is critical to businesses for state and local tax audits by taxing authorities, as these taxes are becoming increasingly burdensome and require resolution for sustained success and expansion," said Nick Decosimo, managing principal of Decosimo, which operates nine offices in four states.

Peabody ducks move to Lynchburg

A group of ducks retiring from service at Memphis' Peabody Hotel has moved to Lynchburg, Tenn.

In a Wednesday ceremony, a group of ducks walked down red and black carpets following Peabody Duckmaster Anthony Petrina and Jack Daniel's Master Distiller Jeff Arnett to a new home in a pond just below the distillery's cave spring. There, the ducks will eat the same grain and drink the same iron-free water used to make Jack Daniel's whiskey. Legend has it that the 80-year-old tradition of letting ducks swim in the Peabody fountain started when a Peabody general manager left his live duck decoys in the hotel fountain after drinking some whiskey.