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Camp Ocoee

January 30th, 2010 in Camps And education 2010

Ranger Camp

(ages 7-15) For campers who love doing it all, nothing beats being a Ranger. The program is highly structured but has plenty of room for individual choice. Campers will individually choose three morning activities in which to specialize. Not all activities will be available, it depends on sessions and also how many campers will sign up for an activity. You are welcome to bring your own equipment for activities. Afternoons are set aside for cabin activities in which the cabin group participates in group activities, often with other cabins. Evening programs are camp-wide and range from campfires to a camp dance to skit nights.

There is also one extended (2-week) Ranger session. R2x is for 7-15 year olds and is 13 days in length. During this session all campers will spend the first week at camp and the second week they will go on out of camp overnight camping trips. The length and destination is determined by cabin age and abilities.

Individual skill activities to choose from include


mountain bikes



nature study

sit on tops

arts and crafts


high ropes


horseback riding

archery and volleyball







rope swing






Cabin Centered and Group Activities


climbing tower


ultimate Frisbee

sit on tops

overnight campouts

high ropes

Ocoee Olympics volleyball

track ball


star wars

banana boat

water trampoline


Latta ball


group games

Waterskiing (all ages)

4 one hour sessions

Hiwassee River Raft Trip (ages 10 & up)

Float the scenic Hiwassee River. A great time for younger campers or first time white water enthusiasts.

Ocoee River Raft Trip (ages 12 & up)

Be part of the excitement on the thrilling Ocoee River, the river of the '96 Olympics. The trip will be led by one of the leading professional rafting companies on the Ocoee River.

Also See our Special Electives below

Including Paintball and weekend stayovers between camp sessions

Adventure Camp Series

Nantahala, Hiwassee, Ocoee, French Broad, Pigeon, Tennessee, Tenasi, Clemmer, Old Copper Road, Appalachian Trail, Rock Town; What do these names mean: "Adventure-Ocoee Style!!"

Choose from various camp options that focus on a specific activity or adventure. All camps are limited to a maximum of 12 campers. Campers will attend either one week or two week adventure programs. Usually on the first day, campers will stay in camp learning and perfecting skills as well as enjoying regular camp activities. Campers then travel to the various climbing, white water and mountain biking areas across the nation. Most of the adventures are located in southeastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina, southern Georgia and the South Carolina coast. Skilled and qualified instructors will lead all camps.

Eastern Tennessee Mountain Adventure (ages 13-17)

Spend one week participating in a sampling of various outdoor recreation activities, including mountain biking, climbing, white water rafting, hiking and camping. Campers will spend some nights camping out on trail. All other nights campers will return to Ocoee to participate in camp wide activities.

Ocoee East (ages 13-17)

Spend two weeks exploring the southeast Georgia coast and South Carolina landscape. Adventure campers will participate in a broad range of recreational activities, including sea kayaking, island camping, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking at Amicalola Falls and Springer Mountain and climbing on Mount Yonah.

Teen Leadership Academy

Teens who are hoping to be future camp staff have the opportunity to get advanced training. The 3-level Teen Leadership Academy helps teens begin to develop the values, knowledge, skills and experience needed to be qualified and dedicated Camp Ocoee staff members in the future. It is also a perfect way for teens to serve camp and grow.

Counselors-In -Training (CIT's)

CIT's are rising high school juniors who have a desire to train as counselors and develop their leadership skills. For two weeks the CIT's work with counselors, meet with their administrative coordinator and receive supportive supervision. Those interested must complete both a camper and CIT application. Strong CITs are recommended to the OARs level of the academy or are given a referral to be on staff the following summer. Participation in CITs does not guarantee a staff position in the future, but it is favorable.

Ocoee Ambassadors in Review (OARs)

Rising high school 12th graders and rising college freshmen with no Camp Ocoee experience who apply and are selected by camp management, spend two weeks in volunteer service (volunteer staff) at camp. During their term, OARs, or Ambassadors, spend both weeks assisting cabins and teaching program activities. They will have regular evaluation meetings with camp administrative staff who will help guide them in their service. Ambassadors are considered volunteer staff, therefore their acceptance is based on their application, character references, an interview and camp management approval. Ambassador who exemplify the core character and values of camp will be referred for future staff positions.

Specialty Camps

Special Electives

These activities involve additional expenses as noted on the camper application. Please see the application to register.

Water skiing-all ages.

This program consists of four one hour periods scheduled with three campers per boat. Skiers ski behind a competition ski boat and receive instruction in slalom, knee board or beginner skiing. Scheduling for this program takes precedence over the camper's regular activities. (Limited to 30 per session).

Hiwassee River Raft Trip (ages 10 and up)

Float the scenic Hiwassee River lead by Ocoee staff. The Hiwassee is a class 1-2 river. Campers will miss cabin activities one afternoon for this trip. (Limited to 36 per session).

Ocoee River Raft Trip (ages 12 and up)

Be part of the excitement on the thrilling Ocoee River, the river of the '96 Olympics. The trip is lead by NOC (Nantahala Outdoor Center). Campers will miss Friday morning activities for this adventure. (Limited to 40 per session).

Paintball (ages 10 and up)

Campers spend the afternoon experiencing the splattering excitement and challenge of paint ball, held right on camp property. Several styles of paintball are played and safety and fun are the biggest focus during play. (Limited to 40 per session).

Paintball Plus (ages 10 and up)

With the popularity of playing paintball exploding last year, we are offering campers a second chance to play. Campers must be signed up for Paintball to sign up for Paintball Plus. These campers will play twice during the week.

Horseback Riding (all ages)

This program consists of four one hour periods scheduled with four or five other campers. Basic skills such as grooming the animals, and riding in an enclosed arena doing various excercises, help campers to feel comfortable with the animals. Scheduling for this program takes precedence over the camper's regular activities.

Stayover Weekends

Campers staying for consecutive sessions will have programming provided by Ocoee staff. Part of this program may include trips away from camp to nearby attractions in the camp buses.

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