Councilman Black requests more Ringgold tornado sirens

Councilman Black requests more Ringgold tornado sirens

May 18th, 2011 by Katie Ward in Catoosa

Ringgold Councilman Larry Black is requesting that the City Council consider installing more tornado sirens throughout the city. The measure will be discussed at the next council meeting May 23 at 7 p.m. inside Ringgold City Hall.

"Our tornado siren alarm at Fire Hall No. 1 in Ringgold went off across from the Depot," said Black. "I was told it went off 25 minutes before the tornado, but I never heard it. We still need more tornado sirens in the city."

He said he is unsure how many tornado sirens it would take to alert all the city's citizens. He said if more sirens are not feasible, then he would like to see the current tornado siren amplified to alert more people.

"I should be able to hear it from where I live," said Black. "I am four and a half blocks from the siren. I can hear all police and fire trucks going down [Highway] 41."

Black encouraged people to buy a weather radio.

"I have a weather radio in my dining room now," he said. "It's programmed for the area that I live in, so it won't go off unless the area I live in is affected. I hope the council will agree with me on the tornado sirens because I'm certain some people did not hear it."