TIME2SAVE: Internet coupons

TIME2SAVE: Internet coupons

May 19th, 2010 by Time2Save in Chattamoms

Q: Can I copy Internet coupons?

A: No. Internet coupons have three identifying bar codes on them. The usual "short" and "long" bar codes at the bottom of the coupon are there. You also will notice an ID bar code on the coupon. This bar code ties back in to the IP address of your computer. While you are able to print most Internet coupons two times and the common bar codes will stay exactly the same, the ID bar code will be different on each copy. Clearing-house companies and manufacturers scan this bar code. If multiple copies of it are detected, they can block your computer from being able to print from their site. In addition, it is their intention for the coupon to be printed only two times per computer. We always encourage coupon users to honor that intention.

- Kelly Thompson and Kasey Trenum

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