Chattamoms: Fun toys for creative kids

Chattamoms: Fun toys for creative kids

August 14th, 2011 in Chattamoms


Color Blanks: Here's a unique blank slate for kids' creativity: 4-inch-tall, posable, funky white plastic figurines. The Color Blanks sets come with permanent markers and stickers so that kids can jump right into the personalization. Ages 6 and up. RoseArt, $5 to $10.

Creative coloring: Inspired by the eye-catching works of pop-art icon Romero Britto, Color Like an Artist encourages youngsters to transform simple black-and-white drawings with both color-by-number and pattern-creation techniques. The 38-page pad also includes blank pages so that kids can dream up their own masterpieces. Ages 3 and up. P'kolino, $10.

Craft kit: Kids create silly creatures by connecting thick and furry pipe cleaners, aka Fuzzoodles, to plastic parts (goofy eyes, shoes, hands). The kits come packed with critter ideas, but our testers loved designing their own fuzzy friends. Available in a variety of kit sizes and themes. Ages 5 and up. Giddyup, $5 to $25.

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Here is the list of most searched names for boys and girls in 2011 on the popular baby-naming website Remember, these are the names that are getting looked at the most on Nameberry, not yet the names people are using the most for their babies. The Social Security Most Popular Names list comes out in May and is based on births the year before, so the most recent data is for 2010.


  1. Charlotte

  2. Violet

  3. Amelia

  4. Isla

  5. Imogen

  6. Seraphina

  7. Adelaide

  8. Alice

  9. Ruby

  10. Scarlett


  1. Asher

  2. Henry

  3. Finn

  4. Atticus

  5. Jasper

  6. Milo

  7. Oliver

  8. James

  9. Jude

  10. Felix