Chattanooga CMA hosting annual bike blessing

Chattanooga CMA hosting annual bike blessing

March 27th, 2013 by Rachel Sauls-Wright in Community Downtown

Before beginning the riding season this spring, hundreds of local motorcyclists will convene at Riverfront Park for an afternoon of fellowship and bike blessings.

"Every year the Saturday before Easter we cook a whole bunch of barbecue and have lots of refreshments," said Shannen Pope, a spokeswoman for the Christian Motorcycle Association Chattanooga chapter Choo Choo Wheels of Worship group that hosts the event. "Bikers from every walk of life come down and ask for blessings over them and their bike for riding safety. A lot won't even start their season until coming to the event."

Beginning at 9 a.m. March 30, she said the group will serve refreshments including hot chocolate, coffee, barbecue and banana pudding while bikers, their rides and their passengers are blessed by representatives from the CMA. The event is not just limited to people who ride motorcycles.

"Some people come in wheelchairs or on their pedal bikes," said Pope. "Some people, when their motorcycles are broken down, will bring in the bike's frame or the windshield and ask that to be blessed."

For her, the best part of the event each year is the opportunity to introduce new people to Jesus.

"The biggest blessing you can ever experience is knowing you had a hand in bringing someone else to Christ," said Pope.

But the event isn't a serious or somber occasion, she noted.

"It's never boring when there's a lot of bikers around," she said. "Besides bringing people closer to Jesus, it's also a superstition for a lot of folks too who won't start their season without coming."

The event is completely free and anyone is welcome to join, said Pope.

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