Meet District 7 Councilman Chris Anderson

Meet District 7 Councilman Chris Anderson

May 30th, 2013 by Meghan Pittman in Community Downtown

Well before Chris Anderson was old enough to vote, he was working on campaigns and beginning his political career as a teenager. He even founded the Red Bank High School chapter of Young Democrats.

The newly elected District 7 City Councilman is a lifelong Chattanooga resident and a graduate of Red Bank High School and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Before running for office, Anderson said he worked in approximately 100 campaigns for candidates, all while advocating for neighborhood issues.

"I always desired to be in public service but it took me 15 years before I found the right place, and that was the city of Chattanooga," he said.

In his lifetime, he has seen a world of change in the city.

"When I grew up you didn't really go into the city [unless you worked there]," said Anderson, who now lives in Jefferson Heights in Chattanooga's burgeoning Southside. "Now we're seeing a huge reversal of the downtown area. It's a hub of activity."

That's what makes his presence and a new Council so important and exciting, he added.

"I think for years the Council has been stagnant and too weighted," Anderson said. "I am pleased with the new Council and I think we'll make positive changes."

Constituents bring road work, sewage repairs and zoning issues to him, but one citywide problem is always on his mind, he said.

"My district has the highest rate of crime and property crime in the city, so crime is my No. 1 priority," said Anderson. "Even if you don't see it in the paper I wake up every morning thinking about it, and I work on it all day long."

All in all, he said what the City Council and administration can do to help build the city up is work with what's already been done.

"I love this city and I love sitting on the Council," said Anderson. "I think Chattanooga is on the cusp of being the greatest city in America. If we can just tie it all together and work together, we can get there."