Reiki busts stress with energy

Reiki busts stress with energy

March 23rd, 2011 by Mallorie Ann Ingram in Community Ooltewahcollegedale

Stress typically reduces one's level of energy, but harnessing energy through Reiki can lessen stress, according to Relaxed Self at Yoga East owner Kristie McKinley.

She offers Reiki treatment to her clients as a method of healing stress-induced health issues.

Kristie McKinley owns Relaxed Self Yoga East.

Kristie McKinley owns Relaxed Self Yoga East.

Photo by Mallorie Ann Ingram

"Stress weakens the immune system and causes other health problems," McKinley said. "Reiki helps you learn to take it easy. If people cannot slow their lives down a bit, then it's very difficult to truly concentrate on relaxation. We have to learn to take the time to be patient."

The Reiki process begins with the practitioner's hands placed 6 to 8 inches above the client. The body gives off heat, referred to as energy. Reiki works with this energy by creating and transmitting positive life energy and relaxation throughout the body, according to McKinley. The overall goal is to feel more relaxed and peaceful at the end of a session.

McKinley said it's important to handle stress with coping methods, such as Reiki. It is a non-invasive form of healing, rendering positive results for individuals sensitive to touch, she pointed out. Reiki complements yoga, massage therapy and exercising.

"You need to be in a good state of mind and not so hard on yourself," McKinley said. "Then you can do more in life."

A healthy lifestyle of water and little caffeine or sugar consumption is best when preparing for the hour-long Reiki session, she said. Keeping a journal tracking the results will help improve positive attitudes, she added.

"I have a wide variety of clients. It is for anyone who is open to it," said McKinley. "If you don't believe in it, it's not going to work."

For more information about Reiki and Relaxed Self, visit relaxedself. com. To make an appointment, contact Kristie McKinley at 316-9994 or