Braly: Readers talk up favorite pizzas

Braly: Readers talk up favorite pizzas

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March 30th, 2011 by Anne Braly in Entertainmentfood

After reading's list of the best places for pizza around the country, local pizza lovers weighed in with where they find slices that satisfy.

"I, being an extreme pizza lover myself, want to suggest you give Greenlife Grocery a try," an anonymous reader emailed. "Although not your typical pizza joint, I have yet to find a more tasty pizza in the Chattanooga area. Everything is organic, and the dough is made in-house using imported spring water. I usually go for a large pie with tomato sauce, feta/mozzarella cheese combo and pepperonis larger than any I've seen at other pizzerias. Give it a try. I'm sure you'll enjoy."

Bradley Chambers said his three top favorites are Pizza Italiano, Lupi's and Mellow Mushroom - three of my favorites, too.

Another reader recommended the pizza and calzones at Rosselli's in Ooltewah. It's not a franchise, the reader added. "It's locally owned, and the owner went to New York to learn how they make the crust. I'll guarantee once you try it, you won't go anyplace else. I can't recommend any one pizza, because they're all so good."

I have gone to Rosselli's, and I will agree. And so does Andrea Avans, who also said it's the best in town.

  • Lynn Shaw recommends Pie Slingers in Chickamauga, Ga. My dad and I gave it a try last year, and it's well worth the drive.
  • Willis and Nomi Martin make the drive to Gondolier Pizza in Rome, Ga. They said they enjoy the scenic drive, and the pizza is great.
  • Michelle Eades loves Hill City Pizza on the North Shore.
  • Elsie Keith recommends Twins Pizza in LaFayette, Ga.
  • M. Malone gave a thumbs-up to Fat Daddy's Pizza in East Ridge next to Rave Theater.
  • Ann Hobbs said the pizza at Portofino in East Ridge will "truly make your eyes roll back in your head when you take a bite. And you get two for the price of one. Add jalapenos to it; you will really enjoy it!"
  • And let me make another recommendation. I recently had a lunch meeting at Alexian Village. The veggie pizza I ordered turned out to be one of the best pizzas I've had in a while. Turns out, it comes from Bluff View and is baked fresh to order at Alexian. So whether you're at Alexian or at Tony's Pasta Shop & Trattoria, you'll enjoy the same pizza. Mine was full of gooey cheese and delicious tomato sauce, along with really fresh vegetables.

Finally, Phil Wirchansky wrote to give his choice of pizzerias, as well as a recipe for crusts when he's making his own.

"The best pizza around is at Dovino's in Cleveland, Tenn. It is at the corner of Paul Huff Parkway and Route 60, behind Walgreens. It is a real New York-style pizza. Lupi's was our favorite, but the one on East Brainerd Road was inconsistent.

Phil's Pizza Crust

1 cup 2 percent milk

1 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons olive oil

3 cups high-gluten bread flour (such as that found at Village Market)

21/2 teaspoons yeast (preferably Sam's Club brand)

Combine ingredients and spread onto heavy pizza stone or pan. Add toppings and bake pizza at 525 F for six minutes or till done. Makes 2 (14-inch) pizzas.

Hot-dog lovers take note: After many customer demands, Miss Griffin's Footlong Hotdogs, located for generations at 1449 Cemetery Ave. off Central Avenue, will stay open till 6 p.m. beginning Friday. Great for those of you who want to stop by and pick up dinner.