Hot times ahead at music festivals

Hot times ahead at music festivals

June 6th, 2011 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Fyi Bonnaroo 2011

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, getting off the couch the last several days has been tough to do, mostly because it sits next to the air vent. Temperatures in the 90s in early June is a sure sign that Riverbend and Bonnaroo are here. I'll be packing up the truck/mobile campsite Thursday morning and heading to Manchester, Tenn. I know camping with the hippies is not on your list of things to do, but it is fun.

LISA DENTON: You have to wonder if the people who started Bonnaroo outside in June in Middle Tennessee had ever been outside in June in Middle Tennessee. It's a groovy scene, but it's hot as blazes.

There are definitely bands I'd like to see, though. The cool thing about Bonnaroo is that you can see acts that span the musical spectrum all in one place. That's very much how I listen to music anyway: a little Eminem, a little Old Crow Medicine Show. I'd wear myself out trying to take it all in.

BARRY: Loretta Lynn will also be there, so yeah, it's fairly eclectic. It is sold out this year, though. It officially closes down Sunday night, but I'm hoping to be back here in time to see The Machine perform at Riverbend with the Chattanooga Symphony & Opera. The Machine is a Pink Floyd tribute band and will be doing the entire "Dark Side of the Moon" album, in addition to other Floyd stuff. You can put on your tie-dye sundress and get your hippie on there.

LISA: Sounds like a plan. I would love to see Loretta Lynn. The first real song I ever learned, besides "Jesus Loves Me," was her "Blue Kentucky Girl." I could give you a mini Loretta concert if you want - "Fist City," "You Ain't Woman Enough." Maybe we can even duet on some of her hits with Conway Twitty. I just wonder if she'll wear one of her trademark gowns in that heat. Make sure you take notes since I'll be missing it.

And I'll fill you in on Riverbend until you get back. Huey Lewis and the News on Friday and The Beach Boys on Saturday are a good way to open the festival. Those are two mainstage acts that should get the crowd moving.

BARRY: I love "Fist City." Do you remember what Loretta told me about that song before her last concert here? She said the woman she wrote about did indeed get the whoopin' she deserved, "And I wish I could get another crack at her." Yeehaw.

Being a Loretta fan, you should definitely check out The Secret Sisters Friday night under the bridge. Old-school country for sure, and they have that hair-up, dress-down look working also.

I will be writing all about it and taking lots of pictures, and you can see both online at We will have that and more for Riverbend at