Chattanooga Now New Year's Resolutions

Chattanooga Now New Year's Resolutions

January 1st, 2014 by Mary Beth Torgerson in Get Out - Bestmonth

Every year in January, tradition allows us to gather our thoughts about the previous year and everything that year held. We think about what we did. We think about who we are. But more importantly, we think about who we want to be. We talked with several members of Chattanooga's outdoor community about their New Year's resolutions and goals for the coming year. Hopefully they help you get inspired to find new ways to improve your life-or at least remind you to Get Out in 2014.:

My New Year's resolution is to be more spontaneous both in my business and personal life.

-Tiger Martin, owner of Moccasin Bend Bicycle Company

Resolution 2014: Cultivate the priorities in my life. Acting on the goals I have set out for myself instead of negotiating with myself why I should postpone them to another day. I don't have any specific resolutions that start at midnight January 1, 2014. Instead, I want to live fully with purpose every day. The details of the goals will then fall into place.

-Rachel Brimer, local rower and cyclist

My New Year's resolution is to stop crossing my legs. That sounds random, but crossing your legs when you sit is actually really bad for posture and circulation. I also want to become less shy about singing in front of people.

-Sunny Montgomery, Get Out writer

For 2014, a focus area is to get back in shape after being pregnant most of last year, then running back and forth to the hospital for over two months to see my daughter while she was in NICU. The little bit I've exercised lately has felt so good! Ready for a lot more!

-Kristy Cousins, outdoor lover and new mom

This year's resolution is for our whole family. My wife, Chapel

Cowden, and I want to strive to instill a sense of connectedness with nature in our two sons, Asa and Finn. When we are on family excursions, be it biking, hiking or flat water kayaking, we will be taking time to observe and talk about the animal and plant life we see. We want to enhance their outdoor experience by showing them the incredible biological complexity around us in the South, and that rather than being separate from, we are very much a part of the living ecology of this region.

- David Hedrick, lead ectotherm keeper at the Chattanooga Zoo

I want to spend more time with family and friends, declutter my house and drink more water.

- Jennie Berz, Chattanooga Track Club

I guess [my New Year's resolution] would be to be better at blogging ... I like using my blog to update people about my running, but also as an outlet for some of my more creative writing. I need to put in more of an effort to write regularly. - Lanni Marchant, Canadian women's marathon record holder I want to change my diet and make healthier choices. -Scott Wilhoit, a local Chattanoogan who is training for Ironman Reduce my clutter by accumulating less and giving away more!

-Sally Wencel, President of the Tennessee Valley Chapter of Wild Ones

Resolutions include travelling 350 human powered miles (running, mountain biking, paddling, hiking), spend more nights under the stars and successfully take a toddler camping.

-Andy Johns, Get Out writer

With a baby due in February, my main resolutions are to sleep whenever I can, keep Lilly from loving the baby to death and to stay sane. More urgently, I'm resolving to have the nursery ready by then. - Kyle Simpson, Audubon Acres My New Year's resolution is to start a fitness routine that is realistic to my schedule- bonus points if it includes at least a bi-weekly excursion out on one of Chattanooga's many awesome trails.

- Mary Beth Torgerson, Get Out assistant editor

To spend more time on the miniature golf course, to dismount my bike once in a while to appreciate the slow life and to explore more of the Cherokee National Forest and the Smokey Mountains before my contract is up. - Kevin Webster, Southeast Youth Corps with Americorps I would like to get back in shape enough to do the Sequatchie Valley Century again.

-Jim Tanner, Get Out contributing writer

I never keep 'em. I just don't do it. I never make them because generally they end up sitting on a shelf and annoying me. I think that lasting personal change is something that has to happen over time.

-Ruth Thompson, event and marketing coordinator for Outdoor Chattanooga

Compete in Ironman Boulder, Ironman Chattanooga and complete my second 100-mile trails race.

-Dreama Campbell, personal trainer and endurance fitness guru

Eat and cook every single vegetable I'll get in my CSA vegetable box from a local farmer every week

-Rina Hand, local food lover and fresh air addict

I would like to run a vertical mile of whitewater on Suck Creek. -Crisler Torrence, local kayaker I want to fly [hang glide] at least two new sites in 2014!

-Christina Holmes, local hang glider

Our resolution is to begin our "Granola Manifest Destiny." Our goal is to establish accounts with outdoor retailers all across North America during our breaks from school.

-Conner Scott, co-owner of Granola climbing gear

As far as New Year's resolutions go, I'm planning on having a very healthy diet. Doing the stuff that I love to do requires very healthy nutrition habits. My girlfriend is an amazing cook and very smart with herbs and veggies. Also, to continue to progress as much as possible towards my future dreams of guiding in Alaska!

- Zack Ford, Chattanooga native backcountry snowboarder

My main goal for this year is to start working on a master's degree in English rhetoric and writing studies. When I'm not studying and working in 2014, my other goal is to make time to enjoy Chattanooga's natural beauty more by trying new hiking trails, taking the boat out this summer and using my new camping gear as much as possible.

-Get Out contributing writer Rachel Sauls

Get out and be more social. Even if it's dark and cold outside!

-Regina Blades, cyclist and outdoor aficionado

One resolution of mine for next year is to start and maintain a consistent exercise regimen. I am really good at the "starting" part but often lose steam after a month or two. My problem is I tend to get bored and then distracted by other things like my job, traveling, a holiday, etc. It doesn't take much really. My goal is to find an activity that keeps me interested and physically fit. Similarly, I no longer want to use bad weather or lack of funds as an excuse for inactivity. I need to get creative! My other resolution is to consistently re-frame my thoughts so that I approach everything from a position of gratitude, continually realizing that life is really all about maintaining perspective.

- Marisa Ogles, director of marketing and communications at The Chattanooga Zoo

To ride my horse in a parade. Also, to complete my 50K on February 13, 2014.

- Cat Thornton, local runner

I would like to get my shoulders strong enough to do the Swim the Suck 10 mile swim again.

-Dana MacCorquodale, Chattanoogan who is training for Ironman

I am 56 and way out of shape. My interest in hunting mushrooms, camping and snorkeling clear water keeps me active but I need to lose weight to enjoy these activities in my latter years. Walking a mile a day, six days a week will be my New Year's Resolution.

- Casper Cox, Chattanooga naturalist and graphic artist

I want to ring in the New Year hucking a waterfall in New Mexico. Something over 60 feet would be nice. -Haley Mills, professional kayaker, seasonal North Shore resident

My resolution for the new year is to try new things. I've never been climbing, (shocking, I know, but I was raised at the beach) and with the opening of the Block and High Point Climbing, there's no excuse to not give it a shot.

-Meghan Pittman, Get Out writer

One goal for 2014 is to compete in at least three mountain bike races as a new member of the Velo Vixens race team, while really striving to not get caught up on winning vs. just having fun.

- Veronica Borne, adventurous local outdooraholic

To help get more kids out biking, including my own.

-Noel Lawson, mother of three and mountain biking enthusiast

I want to hike a new trail-in or out of Chattanooga-at least once a month.

-Kelsie Bowman, Get Out writer

One goal I have is to run the Nashville Half Marathon in late April with my wife and to finish with her at her pace! She does about a 1:50 half marathon and I just want to be able to cross that finish line with her. She's always left me in the dust so I can't wait to be able to hang with her.

-Jason Greer, Chattanoogan who is training for Ironman