InShapeMD can help clients maintain testosterone levels

InShapeMD can help clients maintain testosterone levels

October 17th, 2012 by BY JACK HOWLAND in Health Experts
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InShapeMD's testosterone therapy can help clients restore vitality and a sense of youthfulness.

As people age, their testosterone levels naturally tend to decrease, which often leads to lowered energy levels and an increase in weight.

However, with specialized therapy like that offered at InShapeMD, a person's testosterone levels can be raised and maintained. Such therapy, called MyT, is available through InShapeMD at 6231 Perimeter Drive, Suite 113, for both men and women and is proven, safe and effective, said Jack Silberman, owner and franchisee of the Chattanooga location. After a patient has blood work done and a consultation with the doctor, the patient would begin the testosterone therapy if his or her MyT was low.

Since late 2010, InShapeMD has been offering the Chattanooga region prescription-based weight loss solutions, and, as Silberman noted, "In the right hands, weight loss and maintenance can be effective, safe and efficient, and that's what you can expect at InShapeMD."

He added that with InShapeMD's testosterone therapy, a client's life and youth can be restored and rejuvenated.

"We increase the lowered testosterone levels and it becomes a therapy for life by giving you back your youth and vitality," he said. "We're helping our clients reach and maintain their normal testosterone levels; it's not about beefing up."

Silberman added that testosterone deficiencies have been linked to problems with the prostate in men and that one's testosterone levels typically decrease by 1 percent per year after the age of 30.

While there are several methods of incorporating testosterone into the body, Silberman said, InShapeMD solely practices the use of injections on a biweekly basis, as that is recognized as the safest form of testosterone therapy available.

Symptoms such as mood swings, a lack of energy, decrease in strength or endurance, a loss of muscle mass, and a decreased libido are all indicators that testosterone therapy could be beneficial, Silberman noted.

If one does determine that their testosterone levels have decreased, acquiring MyT therapy from InShape MD is simple, he said.

"Once we identify low testosterone levels and the doctor has reviewed all comprehensive labs, they the doctor will slowly bring the testosterone levels back to normal," Silberman said.

After a person's testosterone is brought up to optimal levels, further blood work is conducted to monitor the levels, and then the biweekly maintenance therapy starts.

"MyT therapy will improve your overall daily performance during routine life activities," Silberman said. "Now you can live the best life possible."

To further promote the MyT therapy, he added that clients who call InShapeMD and says they saw this article in the newspaper and brings it in will get their testosterone test for free.

"We just want people to understand that testosterone therapy can be beneficial to their wellbeing and vitality and that it is a proven, safe method," Silberman said.

He added that InShapeMD often receives "Thank you" letters from clients stating that they feel more energetic and youthful.


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"MyT therapy will improve your overall daily performance during routine life activities. Now you can live the best life possible"- Jack Silberman, owner of InShape MD

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