Soddy Daisy Smiles helps patients build confidence

Soddy Daisy Smiles helps patients build confidence

October 31st, 2012 by BY JACK HOWLAND in Health Experts
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Dr. Mandy Shearer is ready to help patients improve their smiles.

Cosmetic dentistry means more than simply restoring and enhancing one's smile - it brings with it renewed confidence and an improved quality to one's teeth and gums.

There are many effective procedures dentists such as Dr. Mandy Shearer, owner of Soddy Daisy Smiles, use to improve their patients' smiles, teeth and gums.

Whether one has a decayed tooth in need of pulling and replacing, a chipped or cracked tooth, an uneven gum line, or simply unevenly spaced teeth, Dr. Shearer said Soddy Daisy Smiles can help with patients' needs. The remedy may be something as simple as an at-home teeth whitening kit, or more complicated dental work that fills in the gaps of missing teeth or replaces a decayed tooth with bridges or crowns, Dr. Shearer said.

Regardless of the procedure or method, she noted that every person is different and every smile unique - and so should be the treatment.

"We like to think that we tailor our treatment not just to every patient's needs, but to every smile," she said.

One treatment in particular that she has found to be the most beneficial in helping her patients get the perfect smile they've been wanting since childhood is the Six Months Smiles cosmetic braces system.

The treatment is similar to traditional braces in that it uses brackets and miniscule wiring, except that Six Months Smiles is cheaper and takes less time to improve the patient's smile and tooth formation, Dr. Shearer said.

It is also less painful than full-mouth braces because the technique focuses only on the teeth that show when one smiles, she added.

Six Months Smiles is simply one of a number of technological advancements available at Soddy Daisy Smiles.

"Many people who aren't happy with their smile are amazed to see what can be done with modern techniques," Dr. Shearer said.

Not all of her treatments are for strictly cosmetically enhancing reasons. Dental bridges, crowns, fillings and implants are all designed to restore or repair teeth that have been damaged due to decay, disease or injury. They are either used to fill in gaps where one's teeth may have grown apart or fallen out or are designed as a cap of composite resin that is placed on top of a decayed tooth or implanted where the tooth used to be.

Even such traditional procedures are benefiting from today's technology, she noted. The procedures used to improve one's smile and restore any faults in one's teeth and gums have advanced so much that one may never notice if someone has had cosmetic procedures performed on them.

All of the procedures Dr. Shearer performs are for the betterment of her patients, she said, and she finds a certain pride in her work.

"Cosmetic dentists often cite the transformation in a patients' self-image as the best thing about their job," she said. "With a brighter, straighter, shapelier smile, you may find the confidence to pursue relationships, career opportunities and social engagements that you never thought possible."

Soddy Daisy Smiles has been serving the Chattanooga area since Oct. 31, 2008 and has been in its current building at 9759 Dayton Pike for about a year.


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