Soddy Daisy Smiles brings modern dentristy to area

Soddy Daisy Smiles brings modern dentristy to area

August 1st, 2013 by Brandi Dixon in Health Experts
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Drs. Robert and Mandy Shearer use the latest tools and techniques to help their patients look their best as quickly as possible.

Drs. Robert and Mandy Shearer use the latest...

In the ever-developing field of dentistry, the staff at Soddy Daisy Smiles doesn't miss a beat. Thanks to its newly acquired E4D Dentist system, the office is now is able to offer patients dentistry that fits their lifestyle.

"I am able to offer same-day dentistry for crowns in my office now," said Mandy Shearer, DDS. "It is fabulous new technology." The technology creates natural-looking crowns, veneers and fillings in a single visit, according to her.

"Because I believe that patients' busy schedules find them needing and wanting dental care that fits their lifestyles, I have invested in this technology," she continued. "Having the latest technology in our office enables us to provide the most conservative treatments for our patients."

The E4D system is clinically proven and uses computer-aided design and manufacturing to create crowns, veneers and fillings in place of traditional, and sometimes inconvenient, impression materials.

"I obtain clean, fast digital impressions in a few minutes using a laser scanner in the mouth," Dr. Shearer explained. "Then, while the patient watches, I custom-design a restoration that fits their unique smile using the E4D design center, after which it is transferred to the in-office milling center."

Next, the patient's final crown, veneer or filling is permanently placed in their mouth. There's no waiting and no need for temporaries, Dr. Shearer said, and no need for multiple return visits.

"These E4D restorations are metal-free, durable and gentle to natural teeth," she noted. "What's more, they allow me to conserve as much natural tooth structure as possible in order to achieve the patient's needed and desired results. It's truly modern dentistry that fits today's patients' lifestyles."

Treatments using this system are recommended for crowns; decayed, chipped, cracked or worn-down or discolored teeth; veneers; worn or discolored teeth or those with gaps between them; fillings (inlays and onlays); and decayed or worn teeth or those with old fillings. The entire process is so short that patients receive their permanent restorations the same day and visit.

More reasons to opt for this new technology include its preciseness and accuracy, the resultant preservation of natural tooth structure, the elimination of temporary dental pieces, the natural appearance of the new permanent pieces and the convenience of same-day procedure and recovery, said Dr. Shearer.

According to recent studies, metal-free, CAD/ CAM-created restorations have been used successfully in dentistry for more than 20 years. Many resources can be found to verify that these restorations are durable, longlasting and gentle to the tissues of the mouth, she noted.

"We all like to have things - right now - and this new technology means that I get to see the finished product by the end of the patient's appointment," Dr. Shearer said. "This is very gratifying for the dentist, and can be a huge benefit for the patient who now doesn't have to take another day off work or schedule another appointment into their busy schedule."

She added that any patient who has worn a temporary crown and knows the hassle of having to stay away from very sticky and chewy foods or the hassle of trying to get back in to the dentist to get it re-cemented can now save time and avoid all that drama.

"It's truly great for both the patient and for the dentist," said Dr. Shearer.