Complete Eye Care helps kids see, look their best for back to school

Complete Eye Care helps kids see, look their best for back to school

July 17th, 2014 by Brandi Dixon in Health Experts
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August is just around the corner, and that means school will soon be back in session. Parents everywhere are hitting the stores for all the necessary backto-school supplies. In all the hustle and bustle, the professionals at Complete Eye Care remind everyone not to overlook their eye health.

Complete Eye Care has a large selection of eyeglass frames especially for kids.

Complete Eye Care has a large selection of...

"Whether they're starting out for the first time in kindergarten or heading back for another year, it's a good idea for all children to get an annual eye exam," said Dr. Jack Vontillius, O.D., at Complete Eye Care in Soddy-Daisy. "As children grow, their vision can change, so we need to monitor it from year to year."

He added that now is the best time to get those exams, before school starts and kids find themselves having trouble. Signs of trouble with vision in children include eyes turning inward, frequent squinting or headaches when reading.

"If parents notice any of these signs or if their children start complaining about them, they need to be seen right away so they don't fall behind in their studies," Dr. Vontillius said, adding that when kids have growth spurts these symptoms can occur suddenly.

The optical staff at Complete Eye Care is dedicated to helping kids succeed in school in every ay by helping them see and look their best.

The optical staff at Complete Eye Care is...

An eye exam for kids at Complete Eye Care begins with a friendly greeting at the door to ease their minds followed by a review of the alphabet on a standard vision chart to check their sight. Dr. Vontillius said for those who don't know their letters yet, the practice also has picture charts, and staff can do reflex checks on the eyes for toddlers and preschoolers who may not yet be able to give verbal responses.

"It's very important to assess the overall health of the eyes and not just the vision," he added.

Once their eye health is assessed, kids and their parents can head over to the on-site Optical Shop to find a wide selection of children's frames, lenses and contacts.

"We have something for every size and style," said Optical Manager Eric Knox. "Kids' frames can be very hard to find, but we have a great selection here."

Brands for children's eyewear include Nike, Guess, Columbia and more. Knox said all the selections are colorful and very kid-friendly.

For those who are into school sports, the local optical shop also offers a range of sports glasses and eye safety gear to help them have a great season. Knox explained that the lenses of these particular glasses are stronger and will not pop out from the back side. The frames are also thicker and will not bend under pressure, he said.

"We can fill prescriptions for swim goggles and dive masks too," said Knox, adding that recent statistics show that a child with a sports-related eye injury is treated in the emergency room every 13 minutes. "Eye safety is huge."

Complete Eye Care's Optical Shop also carries a line of children's sunglasses made with polycarbonate lenses that are impact resistant.

"We welcome outside prescriptions too," Knox noted. "We have a great line of kids' eyewear here, and we're ready to help them and their parents find the right fit."


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