Lupi's sets the standard for fresh pizza

Lupi's sets the standard for fresh pizza

September 7th, 2010 by Anne Braly and Holly Leber in Life Entertainment

ANNE: Lupi's is one amzaing pizza story. Since it opened 14 years ago on Broad Street, other pizzerias have come and gone. Not only has Lupi's survived downtown, it also opened three more stores, one in Hixson, a second in East Brainerd and another in Cleveland, Tenn. Quite a success story.

And there's one good reason: Good food. I've had plenty of pizzas I can live without, but not any from Lupi's. The toppings are as fresh as they come. This time of year, I like nothing more than veggies on my pie. So when my slice with fresh basil, roasted garlic, red onion and avocado arrived, I could hardly contain myself. OK, I was starving. That helped, too. The pizza was excellent, and one slice, along with the garden salad topped with blue cheese crumbles, made for a perfect lunch.

HOLLY: I grew up in New York and have lived in Chicago, two cities famous for their pizza. So I didn't actually eat a slice in this town until I'd lived here for nearly a year. The first place, which shall not be named, was a disappointment.

Then I tried Lupi's. Sure, there's not the fold-and-tilt-back charm of the New York slice, nor the voluminous challenge of the Chicago deep-dish, but for fresh ingredients, a crisp crust and just the right amount of cheese, Lupi's is a great place to get a slice of pizza that serves as a meal. My tomato, spinach, artichoke and roasted pepper slice on wheat dough left me satisfied but not stuffed.

ANNE: The only thing I have to say about my pizza that could be seen as a negative is that the roasted garlic is strong. It didn't bother me a bit, but whoever I talked to for the remainder of the day may have backed off a bit. I even took off most of the garlic buds, at least the ones I could see. Some were hidden beneath the avocado and onion.

But wow, what a meal.

The crust is made fresh and hand-tossed. The toppings are fresh. Everything's cooked to order. Lupi's just knows how to do it. I'm surprised this restaurant hasn't spread beyond Chattanooga and Cleveland.

HOLLY: I've been on a two-plus year mission to lose weight and develop healthier lifestyle habits (a slow-going process, indeed), so I don't eat pizza very often. When I do eat pizza in Chattanooga, however, I'm going to Lupi's.