Need more cowbell? Check out Nightfall

Need more cowbell? Check out Nightfall

July 18th, 2011 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

LISA DENTON: OK, Barry, pop quiz: The band coming to Nightfall Friday night features one of the three musical instruments I can actually play. What is it?

If you're thinking cowbell, you know me pretty well. The others are triangle and kazoo. I used to play tambourine until I threw out my hip. And I thought about taking up spoons, but I figured there are better uses for spoons, namely ice cream.

Anyway, Free Energy, out of Philadelphia, plays rock music in the style of Tom Petty, Thin Lizzy and The Hold Steady. Editors of Paste Magazine even put the band in their list of the Best of What's Next.

BARRY COURTER: More cowbell! I can't even play the radio, so good for you. It's been a good Nightfall lineup already, and on that topic, folks (like me) who missed Dawes on opening weekend will be thrilled to hear they will open for M. Ward at the new Track 29 on Sept. 24.

Free Energy sounds like fun. I might have to take a break from planking and head on down. Now before you get all excited thinking planking is something dirty, it's actually the latest craze where people lie on their bellies on really weird things like statues and signs and take pictures to post on the Internet. Honestly, it might be the stupidest fad I've ever seen.

LISA: My only experience with planking involved chicken at Long John's Silver's, so this particular practice is new to me.

BARRY: I've done some planking myself over the years, just not on purpose. Anyway, we should also point out that Dawes is not the only act returning in the coming weeks. The Waybacks, who blew everyone away a year ago at Riverbend, will be at Barking Legs Theater on Sunday.

LISA: Oh, and Drivin N Cryin will be at Rhythm & Brews on Sunday. Proceeds from the concert will go to replant trees that tornadoes took down in Ringgold.

BARRY: Looking a little further ahead, the Tedeschi Trucks Band, featuring husband and wife Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks will be at the Tivoli July 29. Their new album is so good.