Curtain Call: Joey Parrott drives Dalton Little Theatre

Curtain Call: Joey Parrott drives Dalton Little Theatre

September 15th, 2011 by Barry Courter in Life Entertainment

Joey Parrott portrayed Gen. Duff Green during a Dalton Little Theatre spirit walk through West Hill Cemetery in Dalton, Ga. The event commemorated some of the most famous people buried there.

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Hometown: Chatsworth, Ga.

Age: 55.

Education: BA from Shorter College

Family: Single.

Vocation: Vice president, Wells Fargo Bank.


Movie: "Now, Voyager."

Play: "Wicked."

Song: "I do a lot of karaoke, and I guess my signature song is 'Mack the Knife.'"

Performer: Bette Midler.

Quote: "This is not a dress rehearsal. This is it." - Former Miss Georgia Kristl Evans.

Every community theater worth its pancake makeup has at least one person who can sing, dance, direct, sew, paint and cry on cue.

Typically, they also know how to replace the paper towels in the bathrooms.

The Dalton Little Theatre is one such place. Since 1975, Joey Parrott has been involved with the DLT. Around Dalton, he's known either as the guy at the bank or the guy at the theater. He loves the fact that both worlds keep him involved in the community.

Over the years, Parrott has starred in dozens of plays, directed a few others, sewn untold numbers of costumes and painted nearly every square inch of the theater itself.

He's also served on the board in every capacity, including as treasurer, a spot he held for years.

"I also vacuum before every performance," he said. "I love it."

Q: When and what was your first role with the Dalton Little Theatre?

A: I did "The Fantasticks" in 1975. I was Mortimer. During my college years, before I graduated in 1978, I was involved during the summer months.

Q: What all have you done there?

A: I've done a little bit of everything. My preference is to be on stage. I love the comedies. I've directed a few plays and done lights and sound.

Q: Have you mostly just worked with the Dalton Little Theatre or have you pursued other outlets?

A: I've done an occasional performance with the Creative Arts Guild and have helped with a high school or middle school production.

Back in college, it was my dream to be on Broadway, but I did not want to be a waiter with dreams of Broadway. I figured I could come home and work and have money and be in plays. It was my choice and I would not give it up.

Q: Have you found that doing other roles such as directing helps in your own acting?

A: You know, all these actors say, "What I really want to do is direct." I never had that. I want the glory that comes from being on stage. What you do on stage is up to you. With directing, once the curtain goes up, it's out of your hands.

Q: The arts community in Dalton is very strong, right?

A: I think it is. I've seen plays in New York and London and I've seen some shows here with some local actors that were every bit as good as those. Of course, I've seen some here where you say, "Well, that is community theater."

Q: What is it that you like about community theater?

A: Oh, it's the old cliche, but when you are on stage and you have that audience feedback, it feels good.