Kids First coupons ideal for foodies

Kids First coupons ideal for foodies

August 29th, 2012 by Holly Leber in Life Entertainment

The Kids First Coupon Book Program kicks off its 25th anniversary year on Sept. 7.

"I'm very proud they've kept it going," said Don Loftis, former superintendent of the Hamilton County Department of Education. Loftis was one of the people who helped to launch the program in 1987.

Since then, Kids First Coupon Books has raised nearly $14 million for area elementary schools, said Kris Humber, executive director of the Hamilton County Schools Fund for Excellence.

Loftis said the idea for such a fundraising effort came because he saw that doing multiple small fundraisers -- selling candy, for example -- was taking away from what he referred to as contact time, students and teachers spending time working together in the classroom.

Having one large effort made them more able to concentrate their energy in the classroom, he found.

About 200 offers for discounts from area businesses,