My Style: Valery Levitt

My Style: Valery Levitt

December 31st, 2012 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

Valery Elevitt.

Valery Elevitt.

Name: Valery Levitt

Age: 22

College: University of South Carolina 2012 graduate

Pearl earrings: Gift

Necklace: Blue Skies - Gift

Hollister: shirt - $10

Thrift store jeans: $7

Boots: Kohl's - $40

"I recently went to Scotland and France and noticed that people there dress well. The weather was cold, and everyone was wearing boots and jackets - even the children. I was jealous of them, so it inspired me to dress better. I follow some trends but I have to find what looks best on me. Not everybody has my shape. I'm short. I do try to find nice clothes that are within my budget."