My Style: Kelly Scott

My Style: Kelly Scott

July 16th, 2012 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

Kelly Scott is featured in in Monday's My Style column. Photo by Karen Nazor HIll

Kelly Scott is featured in in Monday's My...

Name: Kelly Scott

Age: 48

Profession: Warehouse Row leasing director

Hoop earrings: Willa Collection - $98

Necklace: J. Crew Outlet - $12

Shirt: BCBG - $50

Grandfather's wedding ring on pinkie finger - gift

Wedding rings - gift

Pants: BCBG - $70

Shoes: Sam Edelman, Embellish - $135

"Fashion to me is self-expression. It's a way to tell people about you when they first meet you. I love the stores in Warehouse Row. The boutique owners are great with trends and fun to talk to. I do follow trends. I see something I like in a magazine or a boutique, and I build a wardrobe around that. I'm usually not into colors. I typically wear black slacks and a white top. I love jewelry, and I buy it from many places. I love my pieces from Amanda Pinson and vintage pieces I've brought at flea markets. Jewelry is a great way to make an outfit."