Rose gold making a comeback

Rose gold making a comeback

July 23rd, 2012 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

Rose gold is making a comeback in ladies' jewelry styles.

Rose gold is making a comeback in ladies'...

Photo by Tim Barber /Times Free Press.

Rose gold is making its way to the fashion forefront in jewelry trends.

Designers ranging from Michael Kors to Oscar de la Renta to Cartier are showing new pieces in tri-color and rose-colored gold.

Accredited Jewelry Professional Becky Hardinger, the lead designer for Sam Edwards Jewelers in East Brainerd, said she is constantly exposed to new uses of material and mediums for jewelry and accessories.

"One of the hot topics trending in fashion now is rose gold," Hardinger said. "At first, people weren't sure what to think about this so-called new color to gold, but now it is seen in every avenue of the jewelry world. Bridal, fashion, couture and even timepieces now offer rose gold accents for almost every piece."

Ladies aren't the only ones asking for rose gold, she said.

"A large quantity of men's watches and wedding bands now include rose gold accents -- a giant step for men's fashion."

Louis Brody, whose family owns Brody Jewelers in Rossville, Ga., said rose gold contains copper. "Gold is mixed with an alloy that gives it color, and in the case of rose gold, it's copper. It's also called pink gold."

Brody Jewelers carries new and vintage rose gold pieces.

"We haven't yet seen a whole lot of interest in it locally -- it's more popular out West -- but we are getting new pieces in," Brody said. "The color is very soothing, offering the same calming effect like that of mother of pearl, which is popular."

According to an article published in the Los Angeles Times, Cartier made a major mark in rose gold history when the Trinity band (made of three intertwining bands of rose, white and yellow gold) debuted in the late 1920s.

"French writer and filmmaker Jean Cocteau popularized the ring and the look of rose gold by stacking two on his pinkie finger, sparking a trend in wearing rose gold and in mixing metals," the article reported.

"As a fashion guru and design professional in the jewelry industry, I see many trends that slip in and out of popularity," said Hardinger. "Some trends are fresh and innovative, creating a buzz in the industry that later become a timeless go-to fashion staple. Others, aren't so lucky and maybe last for a season."

Hardinger said an advantage of the rose gold craze is that it offers the versatility of mixing and matching with other metals.

"People want custom looks that celebrate their individuality and the essence of who they are," she said. "Rose gold has such a unique tone that when paired with other accents, say the also-trending two-tone jewelry, it becomes a tailor-made look to satisfy each wearer's personality."

Hardinger also suggested pairing rose gold with leather.

"Many timepieces now offer reinterpreted traditional leather band watches featuring rose gold cases -- a look that pulls from the past and races to the future for a look we can call our own," she said. "These leather and rose accents allows us ladies to take the edge off of yellow gold and provide a soft feminine glow to our accessories, making a perfect pair for our neutrals and florals."

Bangles are another crowd pleaser, she said.

"Mixing and matching white, rose and yellow gold diamond bracelets with leather strappy bracelets brings the dressy down to the casual, offering multiple looks out of the same pieces. As a designer, when you can capture a customer's vision for their individual style, you have captured their heart and created a unique look they can call their own."