Get Off the Couch: Yard sale begins Thursday on 127

Get Off the Couch: Yard sale begins Thursday on 127

July 30th, 2012 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

LISA DENTON: Barry, I know you think this puts me on the fast track to Crazy Town, but come Thursday I'll have the car gassed up and ready to go to the World's Longest Yard Sale along Highway 127.

This will be the first trip in my new (to me) Nissan. When I bought the Versa back in January, I was already thinking ahead to August, considering whether it was roomy enough for everyone to ride in comfort and still have places to pack in whatever treasures we find.

I call it the Vice Versa - partly because I'm never sure if I'm coming or going and partly because what happens in the back seat stays in the back seat.

BARRY COURTER: That's funny. We have a Chevy Corsica that I call the Chevy Celibate for opposite reasons. Sexy it ain't, and that's OK.

Yes, I do question your sanity for getting out into that. I can see where it might be fun if you like shopping, slow car trips and lots of people.

And what do you need all that trunk space for? Seems to me the last time you did the yard sale, you spent all day shopping and spent something like 75 cents total on a trinket. Or am I remembering wrong?

LISA: Uh, what's your point? I don't always "go big or go home," but I like to be able to splurge when I see something I can't live without. And that potato masher was calling my name. If I could've figured out a way to lash a screen door to the top of Lola Corolla last year, I would've brought that home from Dunlap.

BARRY: Maybe my real aversion to the event is that when I go home and walk into my basement or garage, it feels like I'm visiting a yard sale. But it is a lot of fun for a lot of people.

LISA: My house has the same odd collection of stuff already too, but I keep buying. Some days, my house looks like it has been rolled down a hill and just happened to land upright. But I'd rather shop than clean, so off I go.

Really, the only drawback to the weekend is that I have to juggle the yard sale and retail shopping since Friday through Sunday is also Tennessee's sales-tax holiday. Not that I need school supplies, but I do love the smell of fresh crayons.

BARRY: I've always been a paste man myself.

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