Sugar's sides are worth a trip

Sugar's sides are worth a trip

June 6th, 2012 by Barry Courter in Life Entertainment


The place: Sugar's Ribs, 2450 15th St.

The meal: Corn on the cob, roasted okra, macaroni and cheese and turnip greens.

The cost: $10.11.

This week I wanted something different for lunch. Since I didn't want meat, Sugar's Ribs on Missionary Ridge seemed like a great place.

That seems odd to say about a barbecue place, but the meat at Sugar's is just OK in my opinion. I prefer my barbecue to taste like it's been smoked in a drum with wood that has been smoldering since Gen. Braxton Bragg was roaming the ridge.

The sides at Sugar's are another matter. Add on a few of their specialty sauces, and you have a great meal. I especially like the grilled okra and corn on the cob, which is served with the husk still attached. It makes for a nice handle.

I opted for the macaroni and cheese instead of the pinto beans. While it was tasty and creamy, in retrospect, I liked the beans better. I've also ordered the roasted jalapenos and the onions before and like them very much.

My order of greens was a little watery, but tasty.

Sugar's has a downtown location as well, but it's hard to beat the view from Sugar's on the ridge.