My Style: Michele Coffman

My Style: Michele Coffman

June 3rd, 2013 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

Michele Coffman, age 38, is an attorney.

Michele Coffman, age 38, is an attorney.

Photo by Angela Lewis /Times Free Press.

Name: Michele Coffman

Age: Attorney

Age: 38

Sunglasses: Armani Exchange - $200

Blouse: Embellish - $125

Watch: Tag Heuer - Gift

Bangles: Amanda Pinson Jewelry - Gift

Skirt: Embellish - $150

Shoes: Cole Haan - $125

"I try to determine what I'm going to wear based upon my profession, but I like to wear something more fun than standard suits. I also like comfort, that's why I wear Cole Haan shoes. I'm on my feet a lot. When I'm hanging out at the house, I wear mostly jeans and yoga-type pants. I love to shop at all the little shops downtown and in North Chattanooga. I'm not a mall-type girl. We have a lot of good shops here that offer fashions that are comfortable and stylish at the same time."