Get Off the Couch: Catch the groove at killer concerts

Get Off the Couch: Catch the groove at killer concerts

May 6th, 2013 by Barry Courter and Lisa Denton in Life Entertainment

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, it's a veritable honeypot of things to do on the calendar this week. We've got festivals, theater productions and events with food, which is always good.

LISA DENTON: You know I'm always up for anything where food's involved. Which means I can spend several days this week in Dayton for the Tennessee Strawberry Festival. They'll be serving strawberry shortcake at Centennial Park on Wednesday, and by Friday the Rhea County Courthouse lawn will be filled with food vendors. There'll be arts and crafts and, on Saturday, a parade too, but you know me, I go for the food. Strawberries are hard to resist.

BARRY: I think what stands out to me this week are the big-name musical acts that will be in town. They are big to me anyway. The Wallflowers, featuring Jakob Dylan, Bob's son, will be at Track 29 on Thursday, and Bassnectar is there Saturday.

LISA: Bassnectar? Is that like the fish?

BARRY: Oh, law. It's not "bass" like the fish, but "bass" as in shake-your-teeth-loose music. Bassnectar is actually just one guy, Lorin Ashton, and I'm a big fan, which amuses my children for some reason. Ashton is a DJ, or more accurately a freeform electronic music producer. Whatever he is called, his music rattles the walls at my house, and I dig it.

LISA: I'm intrigued by a couple of the acts coming to Barking Legs Theater this week. Tim & Myles Thompson are a father-and-son duo who play fingerstyle guitar and fiddle. They'll be there Thursday.

And Charles Law, who's down for Saturday, is an Americana artist known for his guitar-slapping. I've had knee-slapping good times before, but never anything involving guitar-slapping.

BARRY: And they'll be celebrating Saturday at the Chattanooga Convention Center at A Night To Remember with Kool & The Gang. "Celebrate" was a huge hit for them, but I like "Get Down On It" and "Jungle Boogie."

"Huh, uh, get down with the boogie" is a great lyric. Seriously, what a great groove.

LISA: "Huh, till ya feel it y'all."

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