Grand Thoughts: My first resolution, thanks to a 7-year-old

Grand Thoughts: My first resolution, thanks to a 7-year-old

January 6th, 2014 by Karen Nazor Hill in Life Entertainment

In 2012, 38 percent of Americans resolved to lose weight beginning on Jan. 1.

According to, it was the No. 1 New Year's resolution that year. Of those who made the resolution, only 8 percent succeeded.

I, however, fall into an additional statistic. Until one week ago, I was one of an estimated 38 percent of Americans who had absolutely never made a New Year's resolution. The reason? If I resolved to make a positive change in my life, it wouldn't be because a new year was rolling around. Instead, I may have made a resolution on, let's say, April 12. But, still, I didn't.

Until now, that is. Thanks to my granddaughter Tilleigh, 7, I made a 2014 New Year's resolution on Jan. 1 that I am dedicated to attain. Yep, it's the most popular resolution -- lose weight.

I am only slightly overweight for my bone structure and height. And, because I've never had a weight problem (I used to eat buttered bread to gain weight), I don't give much thought to calories. But that's changing because of my insightful granddaughter's words of wisdom.

She told me my stomach was "poochy."


It was about a week before Christmas and I was changing from my pajamas to leggings when the big-mouth kid -- I mean the precious little girl -- asked me if I was wearing pull-ups, something young children wear to bed at night or wear when they're potty training. After I let out a disgusting sigh saying, "No, why would you ask me that?" She reached over and pinched below my navel area and said my stomach was sticking out a little.

As I furrowed my brow, narrowed my eyes and gritted my teeth, I swallowed my pride and said, "Yeah. Mom's (that's what my three grandchildren call me) been eating too many Christmas treats lately." I knew my typical excuse of having two C-sections (30 something years ago) was lame and something she wouldn't understand, so I accepted the criticism with an open mind.

Double ugh.

So here I am, eating what's good for me and exercising. Goodbye, poochy stomach. And, when I finally reach my goal of not looking like I wear pull-ups, I'll thank my granddaughter for getting me back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

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