Individualized learning program to give students hope this fall

Individualized learning program to give students hope this fall

April 27th, 2011 by Mallorie Ann Ingram in Local Regional News

Hope Center Academy offers a new alternative to traditional learning programs for kids this fall. There will be an open house May 3 at 7 p.m. introducing the individualized learning program to the community for children needing assistance with their studies, as well as kids hungry for more learning.

"This is great opportunity for kids, grades K-12, to persevere through things they don't understand or concepts they can't grasp," said April Russell, coordinator and co-founder of Hope Center Academy, which is located at 5113 Hwy. 58, Suite A6

The program uses a curriculum called PACE: Packet of Accelerated Christian Education.

"PACE is individualized, one-on-one learning," said Russell. "The process starts with diagnostic testing. We want to find out at the beginning of the process if there are any learning gaps."

Every student has a private desk area to complete their work. When question arise, the certified teachers will assist them individually until the concept is grasped.

The program works alongside homeschooling students, as well. Kids can complete all or some of their assignments at home. Tests or specific classes will then be taken at the academy, giving them accountability for their work, according to Russell.

"We will be coordinating with Hamilton County for field trips, sports, music and socializing events," she said.

This interaction allows the students to participate in events with their friends while getting an education that best fits their needs, added Russell.

The accredited program allows kids to finish their education at colleges and universities with the PACE as their background studies throughout grade school.

The program also includes a focus on morals and values.

"It teaches them about setting goals and finding success with life lessons," said Russell.

Tours will be available and discussed at the open house. People will have the opportunity to schedule one-on-one meetings with Russell to discuss the program and how it can best fit their child.

"The program is not for everybody," said Russell. "However, we have seen it grow in other areas and want to achieve this same success in Chattanooga."

The program will follow the Hamilton County schools' schedules.

Tuition costs, registration specials and multiple family member discounts will be discussed in detail at the open house.