Walker County 'ahead of game' on cleanup, official says

Walker County 'ahead of game' on cleanup, official says

April 29th, 2011 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

About 250 Walker County homes were damaged in Wednesday's storms, with 30 being completed destroyed, officials said today.

"We are ahead of the game right now with clean up and aid assistance," Walker County Coordinator David Ashburn said in a news release.. "We have made a lot of progress toward helping people get back on their feet."

Most of the severe damage that occurred in Walker seemed to be in he northern section of the county with Chattanooga Valley, Flintstone, and Rossville being the hardest hit, he said.

"Today we are taking state and federal officials on a tour of the damage in hopes of seeing federal individual assistance being made available to our residents," Ashburn said.

"We feel confident that the damage sustained will qualify the county," Ashburn said.

County road crews have cleared all roads but there were several power and phone lines still on the ground in northern Walker County, officials said today.