Lost woman found with little memory of past

Lost woman found with little memory of past

May 5th, 2011 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

A Michigan woman whose abandoned car was found at a Dollar General store in Tunnel Hill, Ga., in April was found by Juliet, Ill., police said Thursday.

Amber Gerweck, 32, told Juliet police she has no recollection of the more than a month she was missing, and police are baffled as to how or why she traveled from Michigan to Georgia and then to Illinois, according to Tunnel Hill Police Chief Roy Brunson.

"Physically she's OK, she apparently has some type of amnesia," Brunson said. "We don't know why she would have all of a sudden just lost her memory and taken off somewhere."

Gerweck's family is headed to Illinois, where she is in a hospital awaiting questioning by Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents.

Gerweck's parents live in Calhoun, Ga., but said she had not told them of any plans to visit before she disappeared.

The divorced mother of four's cell phone and books were found in her home after her disappearance, and her keys, wallet and a plastic bag receipt were found in her abandoned car. Gerweck appeared on a security tape near where her car was found, but aside form the contents of the vehicle, left no trace when she left

The children, between 7 and 13 years old, live with their father in Michigan.