5-at-10: Live Masters Day 4

5-at-10: Live Masters Day 4

April 8th, 2012 by Jay Greeson in Local Regional News

AUGUSTA, Ga. - Before we head out to the course to get "the lay of the land," as Rudy might say, let's cover a quick 5 questions at 10 a.m. (See what we did there? Admit it, you like it.)

  1. How nervous is Peter Hanson right now? Let's just all assume dude is not at the Shoney's breakfast bar enjoying a casual morning of biscuits and flapjacks. Here's hoping someone reminds Peter to breath every few minutes.
  2. What's the over/under on what Hanson shoots? He's sleeping on the third-round lead of a major for the first time and he'll put his peg in the ground today with Phil Mickelson, the modern era pirate of pro golf. Here's setting the number at 76, and we'd be leaning toward the over.
  3. Who you got, Phil or the field? It's a fair question considering Phil is 3-for-3 the last three times he's been in the final group here.
  4. If you said the field, who you got? If you think Hanson, bully for you. (And here's saying you could still get 3-to-1 or better on Hanson, which is crazy considering he's the third-round leader.) If it's not Phil, we'll say Bubba Watson.
  5. What does Tiger Woods shoot? We'll set the over/under at 68.5, and if he's in the 60s, here's betting that the phrase, "I'm really close," will be used at least twice.

Enjoy and we'll check back here later with some updates form Augusta National.